A Few Nights of Luxury at Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey

otel senbayrak turkey excellent room

Our flashy room in the Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey.

I visited the cool city of Adana in Turkey last week. It’s a city without a backpacker vibe, or indeed any hostels so it was time for a 4 star hotel! Yes, I broke out of my backpacking shell for a couple of nights and LOVED it. For myself and my girlfriend, this was the first time in over two months that we had indulged in a decent hotel, it was well needed and nice. We chose the Otel Senbayrak in central Adana. Here’s an overview of our stay in this plush hotel.

senbayrak otel turkey adana

Loving the luxury of the Otel Senbayrak in Adana, Turkey

Location of the Otel Senbayrak

The Otel Senbayrak is in the centre of Adana. Situated on a corner at Sefa Ozer Caddesi (number 12). It’s downtown, near all the major sights in Adana and close to a market and a load of bus routes, including a handy and cheap airport connection bus stop just a few streets away.

senbayrak otel adana turkey

The Otel Senbayrak is situated in the centre of Adana, on Sefa Ozler Caddesi.

adana view window

Great view of Adana from the window.

The Rooms at Otel Senbayrak

If you follow my stories, you’ll know I’m used to cold showers, days without soap, dirty bed clothes, sleeping on buses and everything but luxury. On entering the room at the Otel Senbayrak, I felt the warmth and luxury oozing out. This was a place to relax for sure and we loved it!

lounge in room at otel senbayrak

Our room even had a “lounge” section with comfy settees and chairs, a TV and a table.

amazing double bed adana

A well made double bed! Wow – a luxury I’m just not used to!

The main room featured a small lounge, two TVs, a window with a view, a huge comfy double bed, a fridge, a desk, a table, a cabinet. It was pure luxury!

otel senbayrak bathroom

The bathroom in Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey.

The bathroom was clean and with an array of toiletries – soap, shower gel, shampoo. We even had cotton buds. The water was hot and consistent. This is easily the best place I’ve stayed in the last year for hot showers. I ended up taking about 6 showers in 3 days!

bedroom otel senbayrak adana turkey

Our bedroom was on the 7th Floor.

The door had a swipe key, again something I’m not used to! In recent places like Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku, our hostel dorms had no keys, no swipe keys and everybody just coming and going in and out of your room. We had our own room, our own door, our own lock and privacy here in the Otel Senbayrak. There was even a safe in the room!

private double room in otel senbayrak adana turkey

Loving the space and luxury – private double room!

The View from our bedroom

We were on the 7th floor, in room 716. By day the window offered views of the skyline and the busy nearby streets. At night it was all lit up. The highlight of the view was seeing the spectacular Sabanci Central Mosque from our bedroom. The biggest Mosque in Turkey, no less.

mosque view adana otel senbayrak

The marvellous Sabanci Central Mosque viewed from our bedroom.

Free and Fast Wi-Fi

As a travel blogger I was able to catch up on a lot of work due to the very fast WiFi in every room. Trust me, this was a real luxury. After months of slow internet, I could suddenly get a lot of work done! I took advantage of the free tea and coffee in the room grabbed a bottle of Ayran and relaxed on the settee. I also Skyped my parents for the first time in a while.

free wifi otel senbayrak adana

Free and Fast Wi-Fi – perfect for doing a bit of online work in luxury rather than in a hostel full of cats!

The Staff at Otel Senbayrak

The staff issued maps of Adana, told us about the sights and were very welcoming and friendly. In particular Okan and Yusuf made us feel at home. The chef at breakfast was great and the staff always on hand to help. Don’t forget, as a backpacker I’ve worked in hotels before and I know how it works.

senbayrak otel adana turkey

Lobby in Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey

otel senbayrak adana turkey

The staff at the Otel Senbayrak are excellent!

The Breakfast at Otel Senbayrak

Imagine a backpacker being treated to an all you can eat breakfast. Unlimited cheese, bread, cereal, salad, snacks, eggs, tea, coffee, juice, yoghurt etc. The breakfast was stunning and we made the most of it each day. The photos tell the story!

otel senbayrak breakfast

Breakfast choices are endless!

otel senbayrak breakfast buffet adana

Breakfast at the Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey.

breakfast selection adana

Enjoying the huge breakfast selection.

cheese breakfast at otel senbayrak

That’s enough cheese for me!

otel senbayrak turkey

All you can eat breakfast at the Otel Senbayrak, Adana, Turkey.

The Change from a Hostel for a few Nights

Going from a hostel to a hotel is an odd experience. You feel cleaner and for some reason you feel like you should spend a longer time in the room, rather than out exploring. Everday on my backpacking journeys, I want to be out seeing new things. However this time, we nailed the top 5 things to do in Adana, watched the Turkey v. Northern Ireland football match and then spent the rest of the time relaxing in the hotel.

oldest bridge in world adana

Backpacking in Adana – walking across the world’s oldest continuous operational bridge!

It definitely made me lose my backpacker personality for a few nights and we are planning in doing a few more hotels in future to break the mould!

If you’re in Adana, this is the place to stay for sure! You can book them through one of my partner sites, Agoda: Otel Senbayrak or directly through the Otel Senbayrak website:

Otel Senbayrak

Otel Şenbayrak City
Phone : +90 322 666 00 00
Fax : +90 322 666 00 09
Mail : [email protected]
Adress : Sefa Özler Cad. No:14 01060 Kuruköprü Seyhan – ADANA

Here’s a video I made in the Otel Senbayrak:

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