Monday’s Money Tips: Part 5 – Don’t own a ‘smart phone’ if you want to travel on a budget!!!

Monday’s Money Tips – Don’t travel with a ‘smart’ phone!

I’m here to show you how to travel the world for cheap, and it’s easy! But you really have to have the motivation to do it for yourself! I laugh sometimes at the comments and messages you get as a traveller from those who want to travel the world on a budget. Recently I got a message from someone who uses an iPhone (!) and was out shopping for clothes and they were asking me for tips on saving money when they travel! I’m serious!! You couldn’t make it up! Therefore this week’s Monday’s Money Tips is me telling you why you SHOULD NOT have an expensive phone when you travel and most definitely NOT a contract phone, or indeed a ‘Smart phone’ (I only found out what a ‘Smart phone’ was recently!).

Monday’s Money Tips – I’ve never owned or bought a TV – here is a rare photo of me watching TV in 2011 – the only time in 4 years I’ve watched TV (except football)

If you own a TV, a ‘smart phone’ or even a car, then I’m afraid to say but budget travel and a lifestyle like mine is just not for you. The whole point of budget and nomadic travel is to move around without any ties or cares and in the most cost effective way. I also had a mate recently ask me if I wanted to buy a bed! You need to strip back to a basic traveller’s mindset if you want to travel! Don’t worry – sell that stuff and YOU can do it!

My current phone was free and I spend about $7 US dollars a month on it – even that is too much!

You own an iPhone? Sorry but you cannot travel the world on a budget then! You are just not in the right mode of thinking to be a budget traveller. For the same price you paid for your iPhone, you could have 2 weeks in Taiwan (accomodation, flights and tours), climb Kota Kinabalu or spend a week in Italy. I know which I’d rather have! Sell your phone and suddenly you’ve made the first step to a life of travel!

Arrival at Machu Picchu in 2010! Did I carry a phone? Of course not!!!

As far as I’m concerned you don’t spend four days doing a hike in Peru to phone your mate from the top.It’s all about the experience, the view and enjoying the moment!

You own a contract phone? Sorry but if you are seriously committed to paying a certain amount of money to a company each month then you are not in the correct mode to be a budget traveller! Go straight in there with your phone, cancel your contract and sell the phone. Then you can travel the world on a budget!

So you’re saying DON’T own a phone when you travel? No, I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that someone who owns an iPhone (for example) and then asks a budget traveller “how do you manage to travel so cheaply?” is seriously asking the wrong question. If they really wanted to become a budget traveller then there is no way they would own an iPhone. Think about it. It almost defies belief that they have even asked the question.

By the way, I know people will disagree with me on this topic and argue that phones double up as cameras, alarms etc. and that you can use them for internet AND in emergencies. And yes, you are right, but if you REALLY REALLY WANT to travel the world on a budget, you need to be thinking about how to save money in ANY way possible. This should start with the big/dear/expensive things. Sell your car, sell your phone, sell your TV and suddenly you have the price of your first flight paid for. Board it, get off the other side, get a new job and join the travelling lifestyle. It’s that easy!

I;m telling you to sell your phone and see the world. Once you’ve seen it, you can probably buy that phone again, or even a better one 😉

Top Tip – SELL YOUR PHONE, SEE THE WORLD! Don’t Stop Living!

Foot notes:

– I eventually gave in and bought a phone in 2010 in Tasmania having not used a phone for 6 months. My reason for buying a phone was only so my boss could phone me!

– In September 2012, I deliberately didn’t top up my phone for 2 weeks to see if I could survive without it. I could easily! The reason that I topped up in the end was because my flatmate got locked out.


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