My book AFTERSHOT was stolen


This Is The Next Century: AFTERSHOT

Early 2023 was the scheduled release of the first volume of my follow up book series, This Is The Next Century. Volume One of that was called Aftershot and covered my travel lifestyle from March 2015 to December 2016.

In true irony, the only part of that book that remains is…the only part NOT done by me.
1.The cover art and design. I have them on email thank God, from Daniel Sidebottom, my designer.

The rest is lost forever despite me backing it up in three places.
1.My laptop desktop. Standard.
2.My backup hard drive. Also standard.
3.A special USB I had only for my books and poetry.

Imagine on one day, I take ALL THREE of those out of my flat with me. And on that day a criminal asshole that should be sentenced to life imprisonment cowardly and callously steals my laptop on a bus with a snatch and grab attack. It all happened so fast and I only realised the horror of that nasty theft when I returned to my flat.

It was then I realised that for once, I hadn’t emailed that book to myself or anyone. I had only those three backups of it. I hadn’t saved or written it anywhere else. That book, with 42 years of effort was gone.

It was a BRILLIANT BOOK and the fifth real travel lifestyle book of 7 so far.

It’s gone forever. I miss you and I want the criminal thief sentenced to life imprisonment.

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