My Quick Guide to Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place that has plenty of wonderful lodging choices that you can definitely choose to stay in whilst your visiting. You probably read that I moved over to the Kong back in 2011, bagged an ice cool job in an Irish Pub there and ended up living in Lam Tin. But if you’re particularly eyeing a safe haven, one that exudes a quiet neighborhood, then Happy Valley is an ideal place for you. It’s on Hong Kong Island.

jonny blair lam tin hong kong

One day I arrived in Lam Tin, Hong Kong with a backpack and a valid working holiday visa.

All over Hong Kong there are a range of classic studio flats and apartments and you need to know your stuff and be ready for a cool place to stay. First though, I’d turn up and stay in hotels and hostels for the first few weeks until you get sorted. It’s a good idea to book cheap accommodation in Hong Kong in advance as that way you have a secure base while you do your looking around. I guess I was lucky to have Panny and her place to stay at the start.

free internet access in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers

Happy Valley just behind Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island gives you a backdrop of scenery mixed with the skyscraping metropolis in the background and a horse racing track nearby too. It’s a great spot for locals and foreigners alike and you’ll end up loving the wide range of things to see and do while also being able to relax. It’s on Hong Kong Island where the Peak is – excellent viewpoint over the Kong.

It can be expensive though and this is when you really need to look around to find a place that suits you. You’ll need a perfect location.

tai o

The Magnificent Tai O Fishing Village in Hong Kong.

Managed apartments are a great alternative to pricey hotel room accommodations because living spaces like these already come as fully furnished and fully serviced units. You can even stay in one for as long as you like, without breaking the bank.

Countryside and skyscrapers in Yuen Long Hong Kong

Typical apartments in suburban Hong Kong.

These type of serviced lodgings will not only offer you some cost-effective housing options, but the managed flats also offer big spaces – a rarity in Hong Kong to have more space around you. You’ll also love the fact that there will be lots more privacy in your apartment, as room designs and outlook have been well thought out.

Bathrooms and kitchens are standard these days, and while you will pay extra to have the main essentials installed it will be worth it once you move into that flat and feel the magic of your own place. Hong Kong is a truly magical and wonderful place to live.

Happy Valley is in Hong Kong island near Causeway Bay and is a mixture of locals, mainland Chinese and even foreign ex-Pats. Hong Kong’s diverse appeal means you will always have something to do and people to meet wherever you go.

You will definitely enjoy relaxing away from the busy office lifestyle of Hong Kong waits outside. Each apartment is also managed and fully furnished for you by experts. Hong Kong can cater for every need you can ever think of.

Jonny Blair eating stinky tofu in Hong Kong

Night Markets in Hong Kong!

In short – Hong Kong is a really top place to be based!

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