New Ways to Find Love In Isolation

“You come in on your own and you leave on your own” – Richard Ashcroft.

So how is it all going? Has life changed for you recently? Well I certainly hope it has as the world has changed since the end of 2019. Gone are luxuries, gone is travel and arrival is merely survival. We need to stay healthy and happy first and foremost and that means staying at home, not risking the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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New Ways to Find Love In Isolation

I have been at home for 29 days now, isolating from the world and to be honest really enjoying this. It has given me new thoughts, ideas and inspiration and a bit of time to reflect on my zany lifestyle. I look back on how love was lost, went wrong and things went awry in my life down the years. It hasn’t been easy with my falling in love, problems with depression, conquests with known serial liars and the suicide bid. But from the “comfort” of my own bedroom, and from your own bedroom we can think outside the box. Dating has taken on a new lease of life, thanks of course to the wonderful world wide web. Forget chatting up in bars, online dating is the new method! I’ll start with Poland and then mention four parts of the UK where you an get into online dating.


I live in Poland now and was always out and about in the cities. That is where I met girls and started to flirt. The Polish ladies are fantastic at intelligence, beauty and charm. It’s a good hat-trick. I normally end up being friends only with these Polish girls, some Polish girls want me as a friend too. In terms of Apps and websites, I’m still really only using my blog via Facebook, Tinder and some local Polish sites.

2.Stafford and Central England

If you live in Central England, unfortunately the news is that the virus is hitting that region stronger than most. But if you are taking precautions and staying at home as advised, you will have no problems. I’d recommend checking out new online dating options in the region, such as Staffordshire dating.

Stay safe in England

3.Dorset and the South Coast

Well I have a lot of experience in this region. I spent six years living in sunny sunny Bournemouth and 20-odd years supporting the football team AFC Bournemouth. In that time, I dated local girls via real life encounters, speed dating and on a Dorset dating site. Now is a good time to get online and act.


I always loved the idea of a “Buck girl”, something about the expectation of poshness. I dated a few down the years including some pant removal, kissing and I definitely have some Buckingham sex stories to tell someday. I liked the posh girls and their tightly packed crotches, bras and clothes in general. Tight, cosy, slim packages worth spending time with.

A posh night out.


Finally who could ignore London as a place to find real love. Sure, the city is in lockdown now and it doesn’t quite feel the same, but you are never far from a date. It is also a very cosmopolitan city so you don’t know what nationality you might meet next. Delve into the online opportunities for London sex and when the Coronavirus era finally ends, head out to meet them in real life. For sure I showed my willy to a few girls in London down the years and it was fun!

London backpacking

Finally, stay at home and stay safe! We will get through this.

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