Reminiscing My Luxury Antarctica Cruise

Chilling out in Antarctica

In 2010, I headed to Antarctica on what was a real travel dream of mine. I had worked really hard for months on broccoli and cauliflower farms in Tasmania, Australia to pay for this trip. I was to be heading on a luxury cruise ship, all inclusive and I would leave the Argentinian city of Ushuaia for Antarctica – the real land down under. I was so excited ahead of the trip and while it was years ago now, it remains my favourite trip from my travels.

Flag flying in Foyn Harbour, Antarctica.

Reminiscing My Luxury Antarctica Cruise

Luxury Antarctica Cruise – ©Studio-PONANT-Nathalie-Michel

However, some people are still unaware of how easy it is to book an Antarctica trip. You can still do it on a budget of course as I mentioned before, but realistically this is a great place to visit on a luxury cruise. You’re going to spend a lot of money on the trip anyway so you might as well live in pure luxury for the 10 – 30 day trip (which ever one you choose). It was the best trip of my life. If you don’t believe me, check some of my epic articles on Antarctica:

Touring Barrientos in Antarctica in 2010

All alone in the Antarctica mainland - a wonderland of snow at Neko Harbour

All alone in the Antarctica mainland – a wonderland of snow at Neko Harbour

Organising Your Trip to Antarctica
For luxury passengers, check out Ponant luxury Antarctica cruises, who specialise in ensuring your cruise to Antarctica is of the highest possible quality. You are guaranteed a luxury Antarctica cruise with Ponant. You can choose from many different options on their website. For example if you want a cheap and easy trip, go for one of the shorter options – normally 10-11 days. These still get you to experience Antarctica but for a shorter time. These also work for those on strict or short holiday times. For the more intrepid tourist, try the 15 day or even 22 cruises. On these cruises you will experience a lot more, including the home of the Emperor penguins and a trip to the Falkland or South Georgia Islands. Choose the best trip for your timeframe and budget. Most trips come and go from Ushuaia in Argentina, so you will have to work out your transport to and from there.
antarctica-cruise-ship© Studio PONANT Laureen Robert

Cruising in Antarctica © Studio PONANT Laureen Robert

Sightseeing in Antarctica
Again, you must be ready for a truly diverse range of activities and sights here in Antarctica. The pre-conception that Antarctica is all about snow and penguins is far from the truth. The wildlife is extreme – you will see up to five different types of penguins, many seals, dolphins, whales and of course birds.
whale-antarctica-©Studio PONANT Clément Vial

A whale in Antarctica ©Studio PONANT Clément Vial

You will also stop at different Antarctic bases. At the British Base at Port Lockroy, you can visit a museum, a shop and a post office. The post office is fully functional and you can post a postcard from here, at the world’s southernmost post office. There are also bases for Poland, USA, Chile and Argentina. Depending on the tour you choose, and the weather conditions, you could be stopping off at any one of those bases!
posting postcards in Antarctica

With some of my postcards at Port Lockroy, Antarctica.

Also get ready for some sporting activities such as kayaking, sailing, hiking and climbing. The terrain of Antarctica is diverse and allows for some extreme hikes through thick snow, or rocky hill tops. You’ll be certainly keeping fit on your trip, as I discovered. We did a memorable hike to the top of Cuverville Island which had immense views.
After the hike, you can also roll or slide down the hills!
antarctica-expedition-cruise-©Studio PONANTNathalie Michel

Hiking in Antarctica ©Studio PONANT Nathalie Michel

Preparing for Antarctica
Once you have your trip to Antarctica booked, it’s time to start preparing for the trip. One of the most commonly asked questions will be about clothing – what to wear, what to buy, what to hire. I answered this in a few posts and I also hired some of my clothes as I was backpacking in South America after that and didn’t want to have to carry such heavy clothes.
ski ing

Well prepared for the cold of Antarctica, lose the lifejacket and the same clothes could apply to ski-ing.

Food and Drink in Antarctica
You certainly won’t be eating out at flash restaurants or on pub crawls through the snow. Bars, cafes and restaurants in Antarctica are few and far between. However, the Ukrainian base actually has a bar! The good news however is that you will love the food on board the Ponant cruise ship! You get exquisite meals each breakfast, lunch and dinner, served by excellent chefs!

Dinner in Antarctica

Dinner in Antarctica

Dinner in Antarctica

The table where I met Panny Yu in Antarctica

Dining in Antarctica

Dinner in Antarctica

Finally, get ready for the time of your life. Antarctica for me was a life changing experience – it was my sixth continent to visit (I later visited Africa for my seventh continent) and I met my ex-girlfriend there!

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  • I Agree! Antarctica is quite a place to visit, I yet did get a chance to visit Antarctica, but it’s on my bucket list and definitely Ia place I wanna visit, Thanks for sharing the highlights, it would be really helpful! 🙂

  • Hi John, Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay. I have been going through deep depression caused by a nasty liar. I hope you get out to Antarctica, yes it was brilliant! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Valentina, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by liars. I am glad you enjoyed my post on Antarctica. Stay safe. Jonny

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