Winter Break Options for Deer Valley, United States of America

In the cold winter, many tourists are wanting an escape from city life and even an escape from the usual summer break ideas such as lazy on a beach or going backpacking in far flung countries like Turkmenistan, Benin and Northern Ireland. Deer Valley in Utah, United States of America offers a truly breath-taking and surprising trip for the keen adventurer who loves a bit of snow combined with adventure and relaxation in one of the coolest up and coming resorts in the USA. Here’s the lowdown on your vacation at Deer Valley.

Winter Break Options for Deer Valley, United States of America

Winter Break Options for Deer Valley, United States of America

To start with, get somewhere to stay. Here are some choices:

1.Go Couchsurfing – for the budget tourist and for those who love to be sociable, check out the options to stay with some locals via Couchsurfing.
2.Stay in a Condo – the ultimate option for families and big groups is to stay and any one of the Condos in Deer Valley . This will ensure pure relaxation and comfort with a touch of luxury.
3.Camping out – for the extreme camper, bring a strong tent and go camping. It might get cold at night so make sure you have all the correct equipment to cope with extreme weather.

Once you have somewhere to sleep, next it’s time to plan what activities you will do when you are in Deer Valley.

Things to do in Deer Valley
You will definitely spoilt for choice on your winter break to Deer Valley as there is a huge range of activities that you can partake in. Here are some of the most popular.

1.Ski-ing – bring your skis with you or hire them here in Deer Valley. These mountains are epic for ski-ing. Think, great slopes and hills, super views and fresh, thick snow.

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Ski-ing options in Deer Valley

2.Snowboarding – for those who still love the snow but aren’t into ski-ing, go snowboarding. Again, you can bring your own snowboard or hire one here.

3.Shopping – There are plenty of shops here and we don’t just mean ski equipment and warm clothes. There are all kinds of things that you can buy here including souvenirs, stuffed animals and gadgets. It might be time to splash out on a pair of binoculars such as Leica Geovid.

Winter Break Options for Deer Valley, United States of America

4.Kids Club – While you are ski-ing, the kids might prefer to be playing with friends, or even better – with strangers. You can get them to sign up to the kids club and they get to meet new kids. It takes the weight off your shoulders and ensure you can enjoy the slopes while the children and safe and happy playing away.

5.A Night on the Rip – Deer Valley has no shortage of bars, cafes and restaurants. What this means is that after a tough day on the slopes ski-ing, you can retire and relax of an evening. From sipping a cold beer as the sunsets over the mountains to devouring the finest steaks in town, there is something to suit all tastes here in the nightlife on offer in Deer Valley.

Overall, Deer Valley is an excellent alpine ski resort that has been attracting keen ski-ers and adventurers since the 1930s. Be sure to book ahead to secure a good place to stay so you and your family and friends will have the time of your life here.

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