Road Trip Part 11 – Narooma, Ulladulla and Nowra

I had heard of neither location. Nowra Ulladulla or Narooma. My solo road trip was well underway though. I had left behind the states of Tasmania and Victoria and was now back in New South Wales. I had just watched Spain beat Honduras 2-0 in the World Cup and drove for a breakfast stop at Narooma. I found a quiet wee spot which was just perfect…
I got there around 9 am and used the clean toilet and sink to get changed, cleaned up and ready. I also spent a bit of time there clearing out my car of rubbish and making it tidy for the next stage of the trip. I was making good progress.
The place I stopped at was Bateman’s Marine Park.
A peaceful calm lake.
Some galahs – I had never seen these birds before Australia. Very pretty but they nick all yer food. Pink-ish neck/breasts, white face/bake and a grey and white body and tail.
The car park by Bateman’s Bay at Narooma.
One of the picnic stands at Quota Park by Bateman’s Marine Park. 

I then headed onwards and wanted to catch an hours kip before heading to the scenic seaside resort of Kiama. I chose a small place called Ulladulla, 70 kilometres south of Nowra for a nap.

There was a pretty park there called Burrill Lake Lions Park. Everything in Australia has to have a name, sometimes even 2 or 3 names for the one place – the park in Narooma could have been called Batemans Marine Park, Quota Park or indeed Narooma Park.
I just relaxed and was ready to drive to Kiama for just after lunch time.

There was going to a special “blowhole” to see there, which was great as there hadn’t been much (any) unusual sightseeing on my road trip up to that point.


I’d had my nap and got back on the peaceful quiet, smooth road up to Kiama…

Not before a quick petrol stop at Nowra, which reminded me of Bairnsdale, or strangely the upper Ormeau Road in Belfast and the road directly up towards Four Winds and Ivanhoe Hotel. 

Distinctly it was different – no Union flegs from a proud loyalist estate graced these bored lamposts. By the time I’d hit Kiama the rain would have cleared, a pretty new town was there to be explored and I had passed the magic 1,000 kilometres mark since leaving Coles beach in Devonport.

Traveled From – Bega
Traveled Past – Narooma, Ulladulla and Nowra
Next Destination – Kiama
Distance Travelled – 1,095 Kilometres




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