Road Trip Part 12 – Kiama

From the free maps and guides I got at Foster the day before, it was obvious that Kiama was a “must-stop” at place along the way and it turned out that way. A beautiful quiet peaceful seaside town with charm, ocean waves and natural beauty.

From my petrol stop at Nowra, Kiama was a mere 30 kilometres (roughly) and I drove through the rain on quiet roads before taking a turn off down to Kiama on the east coast of Australia.

It really reminded me of non-commercial seaside resorts in the UK or New Zealand. There wasn’t the razzmatazz of hoardes of ice cream stalls, bars and restaurants. I liked that.

I parked on the main street through the town centre.

There were some very nice apartments there.

The view was straight onto a lonely beach and the pacific ocean waves.

Another view of the beach.

The harbourfront pretty gardens – Coronation Park.

The closest rugby stadium till the Pacific Ocean? Less than 10 metres at one point.

Ladies rugby.

More excellent views out to sea.

The town of Kiama looking back from the rock side.

The local pub was showing the Australia World Cup match at 4.30 am!!!

Main Street, Kiama.

The Post Office was my favourite building in Kiama.

The impressive Blowhole, Kiama’s main attraction. Its a phenomenon of stunning natural beauty. This is a natural “hole” or “tunnel” in the rock formations out to the Pacific Ocean…

…and guaranteed about twice a minute it explodes like a geysir!

Here’s a good shot of it.

And the rocks out to sea beyond “the blowhole”

Warnings on the rocks by “the blowhole.”

A rainbow by Kiama bay.

Kiama Lighthouse.

The local pub. Grand Hotel.

Hat-trick?? Was David Healy in town once upon a time?

War Memorial.

Top of my favourite building in Kiama.

Rotary Park just before the entrance to The Blowhole.

Kiama Tourist Information Centre.

A Church near The Blowhole.

A Town Centre Church.

Main Street Kiama some swanky apartments.

I liked this building too – a bank.

A postcard from Kiama

Travelled from – Nowra

Travelled to – Kiama

Travelling to – Wollongong

Distance Travelled – 1,028 Kilometres





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