Road Trip Part 16 – Port MacQuarie

After visiting Newcastle, next up came Port Macquarie, a relatively big harbour town also on the route up to Brisbane. The road up to Port Macquarie was excellent – very wide, smooth and not many other cars. I’d say it took me a maximum of 2 hours to get there.

I parked in the main street of Port Macquarie…

The main street at Porty Mack, above and the square below:

I then walked down to the seafront.

The harbour.

By the seafront, looking back towards the town.

A nice wee hotel by the harbour.

I saw a shop named “Blair’s Newsagency.”

The shopkeeper stared at me while taking that photo!!!

The war memorial by the harbour.

There were two nice churches both of which I walked round, and both of which were on the main street, one up a hill and steps.

That’s the big one.

That’s the small one.

The entrance to the town centre.

Finnians…A token Irish pub on the edge of the town centre.

The backpackers on a corner as I drove out of town. And that was that, it was onward to Coffs harbour and eventually to the inspired magic of Byron Bay. On reflection Port Macquarie is one of the least inspiring places I have been in.

Traveled from – Newcastle

Traveled to – Port Macquarie

Next destination – Coffs Harbour

Road trip distance travelled so far – 1, 567 kilometres


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