Road Trip Part 21 – Surfer’s Paradise *

With it’s name, the glamour of Surfer’s Paradise won’t be lost on you. A beach haven is exactly what it is.

Things fell into place very easily on my road trip from Tasmania to Brisbane, and as a result I got to stop off and savour all the places I had wanted to and still make it to Brisbane the day I had planned.

It was today in Surfer’s Paradise. It was also heading up to Brisbane to be reunited with my old friend and fellow Ulsterman Owen Millar. I hadn’t seen him since Weymouth in 2007, almost 3 years and suddenly we were meeting down under and about to launch the Brisbane NISC later that night. For the meantime it was time to check out Surfer’s.

I parked at Broadbeach, a hint from George to avoid having to pay to park.

But this was ideal anyway as I love a dander and so gave me the opportunity to scale the sea front and walk the few kilometres up north to Surfer’s Paradise.

It was an easy walk and I walked beach side for most of it. This place really is paradise. But oddly not the sort I crave. Yes, I could live there. But no, I’m not a surfer type that wants a life of sand, sea, beach, surf, bars etc. 

There were surfers about.

Pretty girls with their tits out on the beach.

The main entrance to Surfer’s Paradise.

Main Street in Surfer’s Paradise.

Apart from the Surf Clubs and Swanky Restaurants, there were loads of Irish Pubs (I saw THREE and only stayed in the city centre).

I watched Italy v Slovakia (albeit on a re-run) in Charlie Chaplin’s Coffee bar.

Great wee spot that.

I had a coffee and a toastie.

I was served by a nice Brazilian waitress with a smile and some wisdom. I used my laptop in there and updated my notes. At the same time I was anticipating the night ahead – the Brisbane NISC meeting, my trip to “Bogan” Logan.

The tallest building in Queensland – Q1, which also bizarrely claims to be the world’s tallest residential tower. I must have been to about 10 buildings that claim that, including one in Melbourne.

After watching Slovakia kick Italy out in Charlie Chaplin’s, I was buzzing and had a dander round the city. It was winter time, but it was so hot there!

I walked to Paradise Island, which is on a river inlet that runs the whole stretch of Surfer’s.

It is so chilled out here. Flats on this river don’t come cheap. But this is the glamour of working and living in Australia.

Yet there is no real “history” or “culture” (except maybe surfing) in my opinion – no old buildings, no museum etc. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit different and odd. Many “Learn to Surf” centres pop up, as does a McDonalds.

Plus check this church out!! Surely too modern to be a church. Get the name “SurfCity Church”, turn up in your speedos and bring a bible and a surf board.

I was driving but was thirsty so stopped by in the Surf Club for a quick schooner of beer in the heat. I was on holiday after all and the long long road trip was almost over.

I stopped at Northcliffe Surf Club, overlooking the bay. I had passed two others on my walk.

That’s me on the balcony.

I met a lady there called Marsha, who by coinicidence was also heading to Logan. She was waiting for a friend who gave her a lift, and we swapped numbers and I asked her to wear green and turn up at the Brisbane NISC meeting later that night.

She didn’t make the actual meeting, bit did turn up at my next port of call…Logan City, or as Owen put it “Bogan” Logan. Marsha ended up taking the debut photo of the Brisbane NISC duo of Owen Millar and I – the first photo we’d been in together since December 2007.

Before I arrived in Surfers Paradise, I was kind of expecting some way out west fucked up society, yet was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a commercial hub.

Which brings me to my next post ahem – Bogan Logan.

It certainly is Paradise. But somebody elses…

Where Was It – Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Travelled from – Point Danger, Coolangatta

Travelling to – Bogan Logan

Road Trip Distance Travelled – 1,205

Key Songs –










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