Road Trip Part 20 – Sunrise at Point Danger and the NSW/QLD Border

Mostly photos here, time is running a wee bit short these days, as I’m planning ahead again and heading off on my travels to check out some new places. I did loads of crazy road trips during my time down under and I haven’t covered them all yet. I really enjoyed doing them in Victoria and Queensland, but in honesty NSW road trips are the best.

This was a joyous part of the road trip though – sunrise at Point Danger.

Point Danger Radio Station.

Point Danger, Coolangatta.

Sunrise at Point Danger. Immense.

Me at Point Danger.

Just down the road from Point Danger is the border between New South Wales and Queensland.

The monument marking it.

One foot in Queensland, the other foot in New South Wales.

Came from – Coolangatta

Visited – Point Danger and the Border between NSW and QLD

Next stop – Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast

Road trip distance travelled so far – 2,155 Kilometres

Key Song – Manic Street Preachers – So Dead (no idea why, it just fits):




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