Road Trip Part 8 – Lakes Entrance

From Bairnsdale there wasn’t much further to go to a small seaside resort called “Lakes Entrance.” In Australia place names are misleading and at times ridiculous…

Lakes Entrance does actually fit though, as the inlet at this settlement is in fact where the entrance to the lakes from the Bass Strait (the bed of water that separates Tasmania from Australia) happens to be. 

The “Lakes” are known as Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria and Lake King. There is also a Jones Bay area nearby.

So I stopped there briefly twice. On the way into Lakes Entrance I drove down a big hill and there was a sign for a lookout point, which I missed the turn for and it was on the other side of the road unfortunately.

A lonely bird at Lakes Entrance.

A random lakeside “skate park” at Lakes Entrance.

The shopping area of Lakes Entrance.

Sign at the actual entrance to the lakes at Lakes Entrance.

Local map.


Looking out at the harbour.

The main road through Lakes Entrance.

After my two brief stops there (one at the harbour and one at the actual “lakes entrance”), it was onward to make Marlo and the end of 90 mile beach…for sunset.

Travelled from – Bairnsdale

Travelled to – Lakes Entrance

Next destination – Marlo

Kilometres Travelled – 378 kilometres


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