Salar De Uyuni Tour Part 6: Fotos Locos

Salar De Uyuni Tour Part 6: Fotos Locos

As the Spanish title suggests, being deserted in a wilderness of only salt brings out the madness in you. And for our group, this meant “fotos locos” or crazy photos. Everyone that goes to Salar de Uyuni these days takes silly photos. Here’s a few – not all from my camera – some from my mates cameras on the trip…

OK a few normal ones to start with. 1, 2, 3, jump…

Each with a totally different pose!!

This was meant to be me standing on Guillaume’s knee, the others on his head and fingers. These types of photos don’t always work…

Alina wanted to blow us guys away…

She almost did.

Amazing what you can fit in my hat…or fail to.

Thomas crushed us all.

Chilled out rock band style photo…

Guillaume was trying to squeeze us into a lipstick tube, to no avail…

As you can see.

The magnitude of the amazing salt plains wilderness.

The salt plains are actually shaped naturally into almost hexagonal shapes.

The Island on Salt – that part of the trip is covered fully in Part 5. Incahuasi or Isla Del Pescado.

The salt flats up close. Amazing natural shapes.

This level surface on the salt plains just run for miles and miles. We will not run out of salt.

My ice cold water turned hot on the salt plains. In the distance 2 of our crew.

Again we got it wrong. The sun was too strong to see what the camera was showing. I tried to stand directly on my water bottle!

The closest I got!

Funny that flying my Northern Ireland flag here becomes a “normal” photo in amongst all the silly ones.

Sweating, high up, hot, but proud. Our wee country.

Jumping high in Bolivia.

Babe moment with the only lady on the trip. Alina, my room-mate for a night. From Romania.

My shadow on salt.

Alina stands on my palm. Not quite the crazy photos we wanted just yet!

Nice! I took my shades off and took this nice snap. Love it!

The four of us on the walk to nowhere.

We spelt uyuni (in lower case) with our bodies. Or at least tried to…

Lying on the salt plains. They were bloody hot!!

A nice camera timer moment – set the camera on the salt for this one. We were each ten steps apart. I was the closest to the camera.

Salt Road. Random point to make is that the salt layers go about 10 metres deep…

The salt plains where vehicles have been, near Incahuasi. Not nearly enough “fotos locos” yet so here’s the final few…


The photo above is probably one of the best. We are all at least a metre off the ground.


A few funny ones from the Swiss duo of Jorg and Thomas. These are Jorg, first diving into the salt.


Then wearing a massive shoe. The mind plays tricks.


Three guys on the fingers.


The “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” photo – we all got inside a shoe!! This is one of the better ones.


More crazy jumping, courtesy of Jorg.


It wasn’t only at the Salar that we took these crazy photos – quite a few were taken over the 3 day tour, including some random naked ones – similarly to myself, Guillaume and Benoit enjoyed the naked freedom photos (which we’re getting to), more to come as this 3 day tour will feature in over 10 separate posts…


Us 5 lads bared our bums at at Green Laguna (Laguna Verde). Alina didn’t dare, so she was assigned camera woman.



And three photos of three of us (myself in the centre) did the naked freedom pose in the middle of the Uyuni Salt Plains. Not sure what Alina made of it all. She was the only lady on the trip and spent a lot of her days staring at willys and bums. It wasn’t just the beauty of the surroundings that was the sightseeing!


With the camera ready to fire, we also took this opportunity to piss in Alina’s mouth, she had expected we were pretending to jump in.


I juggled with the guys.

Enough of this madness. I’ll end with a classic shot of the sun beginning to set over the Uyuni Salt Plains, it was time to head to our dwelling place for the evening – another incredible experience lay ahead as we drove over the salt to San Juan De Rosario.

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