Backpacking in England: Touring Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

Jonny Blair of Dont Stop Living recommends the Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England

The marvellous Salisbury Cathedral in WIltshire, England!

OK, so in travelling the world, it’s always nice to reflect back to your homeland. Although I was born and bred in Northern Ireland, I also have an affinity with the south of England. I spent 6 years living in Bournemouth, London and Dartford and loved every minute of my time there. Back in the 1980s I first visited the wonderful Salisbury Cathedral, life went full circle on me back in 2009 when I made the Cathedral one of my last tourist activities whilst still living in the UK.

Jonny Blair of Dont Stop Living recommends Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury is a typical English city, old, historic and proud. Spot the highest Cathedral spire in the UK peering over its streets.

Salisbury is a city in Wiltshire. It is traditionally English to the core. The streets are charming and pretty. It is historic and proud. If you happen to visit, a must see is Salisbury Cathedral, to be honest, you cannot really miss it. Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest church spire in the whole of the United Kingdom!!

Where is Salisbury Cathedral?

Funny enough, it’s bang in the centre of Salisbury, full directions here – Salisbury Cathedral. You’ll be hard pushed to miss it, if truth be told, the locals are also very proud of it, just ask them if you’re really stuck! A massive grassy park sits in the foreground of this English medieval spectacle.

Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire on Dont Stop Living

Fantastic sight of Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire in England, looking over a grassy park.

What Can I Do At Salisbury Cathedral?

You can just walk inside, take a tour on your own, or a guided tour. The official Salisbury Cathedral website is a great information resource for planning your trip. Basically on there is everything you need to know.

Salisbury cathedral is worth checking out in Wiltshire

Get to Salisbury Cathedral and do a guided tour if you want an insight into the history and to see its fine architecture!

Private Evening Group Tours can be a great option, with the latest start time being 7pm, you can then eat at the Refectory Restaurant enjoying the views over a glass of wine! The minimum cost is 240 pounds per group tour.


a lifestyle of travel marvelling at the amazing Salisbury Cathedral

Admiring the wonderful Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire in England in one of my last weeks living in the UK .

By the way, I’m a budget backpacker and I didn’t actually go to the top, I marvel in just being there and seeing things and don’t always need to pay the extra! The bonus here is that there is no charge for the floor tours of Salisbury Cathedral, though they expect a donation, which I gave. They request £6.50 from adults. This goes towards the upkeep of the Cathedral, which has seen a lot of renovation work in its time.

A river in Salisbury England

While you’re in Salisbury get down to the river for a decent meal to relax.

While you’re in Salisbury stop by for some food down by the river and walk the city’s traditional, cobbled streets. Reminiscing on this reminds me of just how good places on your doorstep can be. Within days of my trip to Salisbury Cathedral, I was touring round Taiwan proving how random life can be.

Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire in England

The pretty streets of Salisbury are worth a look too.

So head to England and check out the marvellous Salisbury Cathedral and uncover parts of England that are wildly underestimated. You should also check out Bournemouth which is the town I lived in , it’s close by and easy to get to. Check for decent places to stay here if you want to enjoy a holiday in the south of England.

I just loved seeing the wonderful cathedral again and sharing the memory with two friends, Richard and Amy. I have since met up with them in Hong Kong, proving life goes full circle sometimes…

My Video from my trip to Salisbury Cathedral:

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