Sex as a Nomad: Ways to Improve Your Love Life

Sex as a Nomad: Ways to Improve Your Love Life

It gets pretty hard (excuse the pun) when you are a nomad trying to find love and still explore the world. I get extremely jealous of my childhood friends and my friends in general who are married, with children, with a flat, with a car. That was my dream as a child growing up in Northern Ireland. Today, I’m single, unmarried, never been married, no children, no flat (I rent a place in Poland) and no car. A failed engagement, orgasm-less one night stands and dates with liars are all I have to show from my lifetime of whackpacking. Nobody cares the number of cities you backpacked apart from you.

Staying at the Cottesmore Hotel Golf and Country Club in West Sussex Countryside, England

Sex as a Nomad: Ways to Improve Your Love Life

But as humans, we still need pleasure. Here are my favourite ways to add some spice to love life on the move.

1.Meeting in Bars
This is my favourite way to find love and friendship. I’ve met so many people in bars. You dander in and you just start talking. Soon you might be having a drink with a sexy chick, exchanging numbers, or even fluids. Don’t be shy – that special girl awaits you in some bar, somewhere.

2.Dating Apps
A mate told me about Tinder a few years ago and eventually, and reluctantly I signed up. To be honest at the start, I didn’t have a clue what it was about and for sure pressed the wrong buttons and saw hot girls disappear, once you click no, it’s gone. So you’re better to click all right and then delete later in case you miss them forever. But the worst part of Tinder is the stupid adverts, I always lick left or frefuse on those. Overal, I met a few girls via Tinder but none of them blew my mind.

3.Sex toys
Once you get in the sack with your jaded Chinese princess or your sadistic Polish willy sucker, spice things up with sex toys. Condoms and lubricants become boring. You want a bit more pleasure for your measure so check out the best sex toys on the market either by using saucy online stores or by calling into a sex shop on your own.

Sexy condoms

4.Sex enhancements
As well as sex toys, there are sexual enhancements. and be aware that they are now safe to use since some medical side effects were reviewed. These include willy lengthening tricks, all sorts of liquids and lubricants for the vagina and penis and of course masochistic and sadistic sex toys. The list goes on and there will surely be something to fulfill your sexual desires out there.

Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

Warning – Do NOT TRUST people you meet in hostels and especially dorm rooms. I met some very nasty people in dorms down the years. Yes I still sleep in dorms, but I am careful who I speak to and how I talk to them. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a sexy chick sleeping in the bed above me with sexy underpants on and her nipples hanging out, I’ll keep my willy flaccid until I trust her.

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2 thoughts on “Sex as a Nomad: Ways to Improve Your Love Life

  • this is nice thanks for sharing this though I dont think I will be nomad anything at ll but great post very nice.

  • Hi Josh, thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay. I am getting round to reading and reply to about 1,500 comments now. I certainly agree – don’t be a nomad for now and also when I did it, it ruined my life due to the liars I met. Safe travels. Jonny

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