Sign Up for Internations: Connecting Global Minds

Internations: Connecting Global Minds

Internations: Connecting Global Minds

After relocating to Hong Kong in 2011, I signed up with Internations. If you don’t already know all about Internations, hopefully this article will explain. basically Internations is an international networking company all about connecting global minds and bringing people together. It’s mostly for ex-Pats living in a new location, looking for new friends and business contacts.

At an Internations event in Hong Kong in 2012

At an Internations event in Hong Kong in 2012

It brings highly educated, motivational and intelligent individuals together to meet, become friends and hopefully arrange some business together. Whether you love to travel or not, I’d recommend signing up for Internations. Basic membership is completely free and there are events all the time all over the world. The amount of people you can meet is crazy.

An Internations meet up - connecting Global Minds

An Internations meet up – connecting Global Minds

It’s an expatriate community that was formed in 2007 and claims to be the first international community for all people living and working abroad. Founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs from Germany (former expatriates themselves), it has become the biggest expatriate network worldwide. Internations now unites more than 1 million expats and global minds in all countries around the world.

Internations: Members all over the world

Internations: Members all over the world

InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment. InterNations members keep in touch with old friends and business contacts – or make new ones. In addition to networking online, our members meet up at local get-togethers around the globe, specifically geared towards the foreign community in town. But don’t think that just because the members are ex-Pats that you won’t meet locals. At every Hong Kong event I’ve been to, there have been lots and lots of locals, so it works both ways.

At my first Internations event in February 2012

At an Internations event in February 2012 meeting the locals and ex-Pats

InterNations holds regular events in 390 cities around the world as well as having a forum for ex-Pats to chat and organise meet ups. Internations also recognises ex-Pat blogs, my friend’s Thailand Blog, Live Less Ordinary (by Allan Wilson) is a recommended ex-Pat blog by Internations. Internations also has its own magazine and blog. As well as the connectivity aspect, Internations can be a helpful resource for all things related to moving and living abroad such as information on jobs, tax issues, medical services, education, expatriation, house/flat hunting and relocation.

My profile on Internations Website

My profile on Internations Website

It’s a very sociable, fun and friendly vibe when you head to Internations events and I spent a while working at the events in Hong Kong as a Welcome Host. The events are consistent across the globe. When you sign up, you can log in and check for upcoming events in the nearest city to where you are, they will also be emailed to you. Each event has a small entrance fee which guarantees you at least one free drink (sometimes 2 drinks and some snacks) and the chance to meet and socialise with like minded people. Most events also have a prize draw – I won a meal once and a haircut for my girlfriend! It is very much a relaxed gathering of people who have left their home country and enjoy travel, business and socialising.

Sign up for Internations here!

I hope to meet you all at an event sometime – here’s my profile on Internations if you want to connect! Sign up for Internations, Connecting Global Minds:

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