Staying in the Best Guesthouse in Suriname! Guesthouse Amice in Paramaribo!

best hostel suriname

Relaxation with a beer in the best hotel in Suriname – Guesthouse Amice

It was a sentimental and delightful experience for me to return to Paramaribo in Suriname in June this year. I had first visited Suriname as a backpacker in January 2011, choosing the luxury and comfort of Guesthouse Amice instead of a dingy hammock or tent with mosquitos everywhere. I made a life changing choice. Guesthouse Amice has won awards down the years and put quite simply is the best place to stay when you travel to Paramaribo. Do not even consider anywhere else! Here are some of the awesome things about Guesthouse Amice that endeared me to this place, not once, twice, but thrice. Life truly went full circle for me when I made it back to Paramaribo – the first city in South America that I visited on 2 trips.

guesthouse amice backpacker suriname

In the back garden at Guesthouse Amice, Paramaribo, Suriname.

1. Relaxation
The first thing that I loved about Guesthouse Amice was the simple fact that this is a place you can relax without a care in the world!

Relaxing in Guesthouse Amice.

Relaxing in Guesthouse Amice.

2. Safe and Secure
Security Guards at night, manned reception and a dog. Guesthouse Amice is as safe as it gets. Relax and enjoy but don’t forget to look after your own valuables! If you read my top 5 things a decent hostel should have post you will now that safety and security are high on my list.

backpacker paramaribo

Safety and Security at Guesthouse Amice in Paramaribo.

3. Friendly Staff
Run by a cool couple, the staff here make you feel welcome from the day you walk in. Friendly, happy, helpful. They know all about tourism, customer service and providing a safe and pleasant place for your stay in Paramaribo.

guesthouse amice paramaribo

Relaxing out the front at Guesthouse Amice

4. Swimming Pool
Oh yeah! As a long term backpacker, luxuries like a swimming pool often pass us by but here I welcomed it, cherished it and enjoyed it.

guesthouse amice suriname

In the pool at Guesthouse Amice.

5. Back Garden Chill Out Zone
By the pool there is a chill out zone – in the shade and in the sun. You can sleep in a hammock, you can read a book, do some blogging or have a few cold Parbo biers.

Beers out the back by the pool.

Beers out the back by the pool.

6. Free Wi-Fi
It goes without saying these days that anywhere that charges money for Wi-Fi goes down big time on my estimation. Guesthouse Amice offers fast and reliable free Wi Fi so you can plan your upcoming travels, Skype your friends and family or keep your travel blog updated!

Wifi by the pool at night with a beer!

Wifi by the pool at night with a beer!

7. All You Can Eat Tropical Breakfast
The breakfast in Guesthouse Amice is stunning. Think of what you dreamed a tropical paradise to be like and you have it here. Plus – you get toast, ham, cheese and cereal too. Tea and coffee as a standard.

guesthouse amice paramaribo

Loving my breakfast in Guesthouse Amice.

8. Clean Rooms
Clean rooms in absolutely pristine condition, allowing you to really relax and enjoy a decent bit of sleep.

My room on my first stay in Guesthouse Amice.

My room on my first stay in Guesthouse Amice.

9. Cool Location
It’s away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Paramaribo which means you can really relax here. This is what I needed on my first visit to Suriname. Round the corner is also a supermarket, temple and Chinese restaurant. There is also a local bar nearby and minibuses and taxis to the downtown are easy to organise.

guesthouse amice paramaribo gravenberch straat

Gravenberch Straat – quiet location of Guesthouse Amice.

10. Hot Water
Don’t be a posh “western traveller” and assume this is a given – it’s NOT. When you travel in northern Brazil and the three Guyanas you will rarely find decent hot water that is consistent. In steps Guesthouse Amice with fresh hot water, lovely showers and a real taste of relaxation for you.

Hot water in the showers at Guesthouse Amice

Hot water in the showers at Guesthouse Amice

11. Inexpensive Snack Menu
If you’re feeling lazy (and you might be in relaxed Suriname) you can ask the staff to cook you light snacks and meals for cheap enough. A cheese toastie for 1 Euro for example!

Food menu at Guesthouse Amice.

Food menu at Guesthouse Amice.

12. Flexibility with Currencies
Jasodra and Ravi understand travellers. They know we often carry US dollars and Euros and may not have Suriname Dollars immediately on arrival.

best hostel in suriname

Guesthouse Amice knows all about currencies – you can pay in Suriname Dollars, Euros or US Dollars.

13. Help with Tours
The staff can help you explore the region – not just Paramaribo, and not even just Suriname but the 2 other Guyanas – French Guyana and Guyana. The reception has shelves full of leaflets, brochures and tours. I did a cool Sugar Cane Tour with Waterproof Tours.

touring suriname backpacker

On a tour to the Concordia Sugar Plantation.

14. Air Conditioning
Suriname is hot and so is this region of the world. When we stayed in French Guyana and Guyana, air conditioning wasn’t always there in our rooms, nor did it always work if it was. Guesthouse Amice has immaculate working air conditioning to chill you away from the sweltering heat outside.

Fully air conditioned rooms!

Fully air conditioned rooms!

15. Airport Pick Up
You can arrange an airport pick up (though we went in overland), you can either get a taxi share or contact Garaj Ashruf in advance and they will arrange to collect you at Zanderij Airport and drive you to Guesthouse Amice. Garaj Ashruf is a shared mini-bus and costs around 150 Suriname Dollars. Private taxis can work out cheaper though – and we got one organised for 125 Suriname Dollars for 2 when we left the country.

Heading to the airport with Garaj Ashruf - taxis can easily be arranged too.

Heading to the airport with Garaj Ashruf – taxis can easily be arranged too.

16. Off the Wall
Suriname is still not swarming with backpackers. In fact when I first told people I was in Suriname, some people thought it was in Africa. Despite the efforts of Ruud Gullit and Clarence Seedorf, Suriname goes un-noticed. You’ll have the whole place to yourself, except for a few Dutch people!

Touring Paramaribo - not another traveller in sight!

Touring Paramaribo – not another traveller in sight!

17. New Friends
You will make new friends easily in Guesthouse Amice – whether in the reception or over breakfast. Everyone here is friendly from the staff down to the customers. I met a few really cool people including Renee and Rashida from the Netherlands and we toured the city and had coffee and cake together.

Meeting new friends

Meeting new friends

18. Trip Advisor Best Guesthouse in Suriname!
Don’t just take my word for it – travel website giant Trip Advisor have recognised Guesthouse Amice as the best Guesthouse in Suriname for the last 2 years. It’s easy to see why.

Don't just take my word for it - check out the awards Guesthouse Amice has won.

Don’t just take my word for it – check out the awards Guesthouse Amice has won.

19. Free Welcome Drink
After my horror stories in Venezuela in 2011, getting attacked, mugged, refused visas, ripped off etc. I was welcomed with not just a warm smile at Guesthouse Amice but with a free ice cold Parbo Beer. Hospitality at its best and how to keep a first time customer happy. I was sold! Make sure you stay for 3 nights or more to get your welcome drink. Here’s an article on my first trip to Suriname.

welcome drink parbo bier

Welcome Parbo Bier on arrival at Guesthouse Amice.

20. Laundry Service
You can get them to wash your clothes for you and even if you’re on a budget, the heat in Suriname is enough to dry your clothes on the balcony after handwashing them.

Guesthouse Amice, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Guesthouse Amice, Paramaribo, Suriname.

So when you’re in Suriname, don’t even consider anywhere else – get in touch and head to Guesthouse Amice:

Guesthouse Amice
Gravenberchstraat 5
Tel.: (00 597) 43 42 89
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: Guesthouse Amice

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