Working Wednesdays: Creating Your Own Travel Blog

The travel industry can end up becoming a lifestyle business for you if you manage to do things right. One way that you could potentially combine a passion for travel and new experiences with a flair for writing, is to create your own travel blog.

There are some really excellent sites already out there on the internet, who have a loyal following. People like Katie Aune and Allan Wilson ( have managed to carve out their own niche market and there is certainly plenty of space for you to find something travel-related that is unique and interesting to write about.

Blogging is not an easy road to riches but if you work at it and have a passion for travel and a particular area of expertise, there is a good chance that you might be able to combine the two and do some globe-trotting that even earns you some money.

This infographic takes a look at what ingredients and tools are needed if you are going to have a chance of creating a successful blog with a loyal following. There is some very useful information on how to construct your blog and create content that will be of interest to a hopefully growing audience, and good advice on the best ways to engage your readers.

Working Wednesdays: Creating a Travel Blog.

Working Wednesdays: Creating a Travel Blog.

Great words are definitely important and you need to always be aware that your post should be scannable, as only a small number of readers will actually read your blog word for word. The other vital element is some stunning visual images.

Great photos are understandably going to play a big part in the success of your blog. People don’t just want to read some inspiring or engaging travel stories, they want to see for themselves what you are talking about and not just fake photos – those of the actual travel blogger out backpacking themself.

Think about what you could travel the world writing about and if you do it right, you could soon have a wildly successful travel blog on your hands.

How to Create a Wildly Successful Travel Blog - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


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4 thoughts on “Working Wednesdays: Creating Your Own Travel Blog

  • Hye Jonny. this was an awesome write up in a photo for whoever desgined and published that advice. Yopu are pretty much the reason why i am online with Overland Metalhead. I have been traveling for 4 years but it took me untill this year to make a website. So i thank you very much for having this website and influencing me to write more

    My themes are allot unique as i combine heavy Metal with the fun side of traveling overland without flying. Last year i went from Middlesbrough to Istanbul all overland and the previous year I traveled from Ankara to Tehran and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on the trains.

    Graham Hughes is the first human to visit every country in the world without flying. Now i may not have the money to visit all 163 UN member but at least i can take my chances by traveling overland. So afar i have entered visited 23 nations overland without flying and i got no plans to ever fly within the European continent (Unless its an emergency)

    I got plenty of interesting stories such as:Meeting a porn star Carol Cox (and not getting the chance to lose my Virginity with her), getting stranded in Brussels after not getting off at Lille, catches buses on the national express and Eurolounge, getting hammered with the Singapore sling, grave hunting in Hollywood, bashing a pickpocketer with my tent (as i slept) going on a date on the train to Bucharest and finding the house of Terror in budapest that as 2 street down from my hotel room.

    When you work as a Laborer you do get writer blocks as you need to find time in your life to write things. But never give up on writing. I’ve only sold one copy of my book but that doesn’t stop me from shelving it

    Travel safe everyone


  • Hi Martin – Your stories are a great inspiration and some seriously hilarious stories there man! I agree with the overland thing most of the time, but when we are pushed for time, and when it’s cheaper to fly, then we do it! Glad you enjoyed the infographic. Safe travels. Jonny

  • WOW !
    Thanks a lot, i just started my WordPress and everything seemed so complicated ! And after finding your Youtube Channel it was quite a coincidence that i found blog aswell (through your reply on my comment).
    Great read !

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