Sunday’s Inspiration: Be Positive, The 90 – 10 Rule

On my latest backpacking journey, I’ve been using the 90-10 rule. I’m not sure if I made this one up myself or if everybody uses it. What it is is this: being positive 90% of the time and negative 10% of the time. There’s nothing that grills me more than negativity. I hate it. I hate anyone having a negative attitude. Be positive. It’s the only way forward.

staying positive

Sunday’s Inspiration: Be Positive.

I just don’t understand negative people. For example if I don’t book a bus or a hostel in advance and arrive at a bus station, I act positive. I’m 90% sure I will get on the next bus. I’m 90% sure I will get a hostel. I think you need to be. You need to have this happy go lucky attitude. Not just in travel but in life. I was down to my last $200 Australian Dollars and had lined up a mere 1 job interview back in 2009. I was 90% positive (at least) that I would get the job. I got it. Of course I did. I was sure I would. I didn’t have any negativity about me. Confidence and positivity. You’re back in play – what’s tonight’s catchphrase?

iraqi kurdistan

Being happy with the lads in Kurdistan, Iraq…

I get so angry when people say things like “I’d love to backpack in Iraq but I can’t” or “I wish I could move to Australia and work”. Well hold on a minute – you can. That sort of defeatist attitude never helped anybody. People – you need to be positive! I’m sure all these small inspiration snippets may seem so obvious or just minor blog posts that everyone knows about. But believe me, I have met so many negative people the last few months, I had to double check, it wasn’t me that was being the idiot.

On a final note and to get you thinking and realising everything is real…”I write this alone on my bed, I’ve poisoned every room in the house. The place is quiet and so alone. Pretend there’s something worth waiting for.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Inspiration: Be Positive, The 90 – 10 Rule

  • I personally agree to this “That sort of defeatist attitude never helped anybody. People – you need to be positive!”. You can’t accomplish anything if you won’t be optimistic that you can. 🙂

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