Surprise Your Friend By Giving a Tinggly Experience as a Gift

The more you travel, the more mundane it becomes. Temples become boring, hostel dorms become dirty, ‘local’ restaurants on backstreets become overcrowded with fellow tourists, visas become difficult to secure. Sometime you need a spark of inspiration to bring you back to life and get you buzzing for travel again. This is where I’d recommend Tinggly Experiences. Here is a brief introduction to what they are about and why I advise using Tinggly.

Surprise Your Friend By Giving a Tinggly Experience as a Gift

Tinggly select the coolest, craziest and most unusual adventure experiences all over the world and you can buy these experiences as a gift for someone. So just surprise your wife with a random sky dive, or take your brother to a vodka tasting session, the range of activities is huge, which you can see on the Tinggly website. Here is a list of five ezperiences I’d love to do from their list (in fact I’ve already done one of them!).

Polish Your Cooking in Warszawa, Poland

1.Polish Cooking Course in Warszawa, Poland

I loved this one. From personal experience as a foreigner living in Poland, I decided to challenge myself with a Polish Cooking Tour – to see if I could actually learn quickly how to make some of Poland’s finest dishes. I invited my friend Ania along and we went to the venue in Warszawa city to learn how to cook with Polish Your Cooking. For a full report check out my Polish Cooking Tour on my blog. By the end of it, we ‘graduated’ and were able to cook excellent Polish pierogi!

Polish Your Cooking in Warszawa, Poland

2.Kite Buggying Lesson in Cornwall, England

Ever heard of Kite buggying? This is sure to be a crazy new adventure to test out. Head to Cornwall in England’s south west for this crazy beach activity. You can cruise across the sand at speeds of up to 50mph (80km/h) on a buggy with a large kite flying above. Kite buggying is a hot new coastal sport in these parts and you will visit two quiet beaches – Camber Sands and Great Stone. You’ll feel the wind on your face and an adrenalin rush.

Kite Buggying Lesson in Cornwall, England

Kite Buggying Lesson in Cornwall, England

You’ll be trained by an expert and after a while, you’ll know what to do. You use your feet to control the Kite buggy. It’s not as tough as it sounds and, just ask anyone who’s tried it. And unlike flying kites and surfing, this sport can actually be done with a minimal amount of wind.

3. Stomping on Grapes for Wine in France

I’m mostly a beer man when it comes to alcohol, but I have had a few experiences with vodka in Poland, whiskey in Northern Ireland and Tequila/Mezcal in Mexico City. But how about jumping on grapes and making wine in France?Remove your shoes, climb into a huge barrel full of grapes and start jumping up and down and crushing them!! At the same time you will also superb views of nearby Mt. Sainte-Victoire from this vineyard in the south of France.

Afterwards, of course you get tastings and some great French food!

Stomping on Grapes for Wine in France

4. Bungy Jump from the Solkan Bridge in Slovenia

I have only ever bungy jumped once in life, and that was in New Zealand back in 2007. But I have considered doing one again, though it would have to be something a bit special and different for me. Having done nude yoga, visited a nude beach and got my willy out in Antarctica, perhaps I’d go back to Slovenia and jump off the Solkan Bridge in the buff.

Solkan Bridge Bungy Jump in Slovenia with Tinggly

5. Tour the Odessa Catacombs in Ukraine

The last Tinggly Experience I have selected for this list is the Catacombs in Ukraine. I have seen many catacombs, underground villages, mines etc. on my travels and love the adventure of being in a kind of underground shelter or maze. Plus this one is in Odessa which is one of Ukraine’s finest beach resorts.

Catacombs in Odessa

So hopefully these five ideas from a huge list will get you excited for your upcoming trip. Give someone a gift – treat them to a special, memorable, unforgettable experience!

Safe travels!

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