Taking the Green Bus: Why Thailand Travellers Do It

No matter if it’s your first time or tenth time travelling to Thailand, taking the bus is the most efficient form of transportation within the country. With this guide, we hope to help you have a great experience thereby keeping you informed on what to expect.

Taking the Green Bus: Why Thailand Travellers Do It

Why Should You Travel By Bus?

Budget Friendly

If you were to travel in Thailand with only a VIP24 bus, then the bus ticket will cost you as much as an air ticket. But even VIP bus tickets in Thailand are cost-friendly.

For instance, a bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, or a bus from Bangkok to Phuket will cost about 400-450 baht ($12 USD). With this price, a meal and luggage handling are included. If you’re on a budget, then you can travel via night bus to save a couple of bucks which would have been used for accommodations.

tuk tuk in Bangkok Thailand

Meeting the Locals in Thailand

Saves Time

When travelling in Thailand, this is crucial if you’re pressed for time, have only a limited amount of days for vacation or want to have a quick weekend getaway. Wherever you fly in Thailand, expect to spend at least a half of day. When taking a night bus, you will have the whole day for yourself.

How to Survive the Bus Ride

The green bus runs every hour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. You are advised to pre-book your tickets in advance. You have two options – order it the day before at the nearest green bus ticket office (located near the night market, everyone is friendly and will direct you where to go).

Exploring Thailand

Alternatively, you can book online by downloading the green bus app. You can even use your credit card, and it will tell you your exchange rate.

The people operating the buses will direct you to the right place to board (either number 12 or 13). People will help you, and the directions are clearly labelled in English and Thai. Thus, making it easy for solo female travellers.

Backpacking in Thailand

As the bus ride is a three-hour journey, we advise you to eat in the nearby cafe and use the bathroom when needed. Grab some crisps and some waters to remain comfortable. Also, have a light jacket or jumper handy in case you’re cold from the air conditioner.

Your large backpack will fit underneath, and it’s safe there because the bags are checked within the system and they will staple a bag ticket on your bus ticket so you can get the right bag back.

The bus terminal located in Chiang Mai is out of the city center so you’ll have to take a taxi to the hotel. Make sure you download the GRAB app and book your ticket so you can get a lower price. Taxis are cheaper than riding via Tuk Tuks.


When taking green bus, you’ll find it easier to travel around Thailand. Before buying your ticket, we suggest that you research your destination and book your accommodations early. By being proactive, you’ll be able to enjoy Thailand to its fullest potential.

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