Live a Life of Freedom: Buy The Paradise Pack and Live a Life of Freedom

“Freed from desire. Mind and senses purified, freed from desire” – Gala.

Live a Life of Freedom: Buy The Paradise Pack - This Week ONLY!

Live a Life of Freedom: Buy The Paradise Pack – This Week ONLY!

So if you clicked this, you will probably (hopefully) be thinking that you want to live a life of freedom. You might want to escape the mundaneness of a 9-5 job, living in the same old city, not seeing the world and life passing you by, same old lyric my friends…

“You turn around and life’s passed you by” – Doves.

Oops. Life got tough and you want a change. You might have went through a relationship break up and need a change of career. You might want to get out and see the world before you get too old. You might have an excrement load of time on your hands but lack the inspiration to start working for yourself and earning online. You don’t actually want to work any more. You want to do what you want to do with YOUR TIME. You want to run your own little empire and be that boss sipping cocktails on a beach on an island you’ve never heard of, or in countries that other backpackers think are fake. Like Podjistan or Karakalpakstan.

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Live a Life of Freedom: Buy the Paradise Pack

“Times running out the door you’re running in” – Echo and the Bunnymen.

You have the ambition to change your life. You have ideas. But you don’t believe the hype about digital nomads and living a life of freedom. You think it’s all a big scam, all a big fake, but then how come we are out here doing it, living the life we want. The truth is you can become a digital nomad if you want, you can even become a “dig it all” nomad or hell, a professional travel blogger. But YOU need to make the first step. Spending 50 – 60 hours in an office job is soul destroying but you love the money and you are so caught up in it that you forgot to do one thing – live your life!

You were too busy working to enjoy yourself. WERE.

“A change would do you good” – Sheryl Crow.

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You want your freedom.

But how can you earn money AND travel? You need to work for it, but what if you could read some e-Books, get inside information from those who have done it, start your own online businesses and off you go into the sunset. Earning money on the move, running a business from your laptop. Can you do it? Yes, and luckily the experts are here to show you how with this special off TODAY ONLY. Tomorrow is too late, remember this post.

“For all we know, we might not get tomorrow” – PitBull (spotty dog/dead right).

This is your lucky day and I really mean it by the word DAY. As within a week, this offer will disappear. The Paradise Pack is only available NOW at this price. What’s it all about and is it for you?

The Paradise Pack: Your Ticket to Freedom!

The Paradise Pack: Your Ticket to Freedom!

What is the Paradise Pack?
The Paradise Pack, is a bundle of world-class resources from travel and location independent experts. Digital nomads, professional travel bloggers, people who started online businesses and are completely location independent. They’ve changed their lives and they’ve also created these guides so you can change yours. The Paradise Pack is available today only and in it is contained OVER $2000 worth of amazing products, available one time for only $197 / £130.

Would you like to?:
– Live rent free (yes free!) in villas and penthouses around the globe?
– Fly anywhere in the world for less money than you spend on a tank of gas?
– Ditch your job and create a business you can run from anywhere in the world?
(if so, then the Paradise Pack is for you)

Working in the lounge with writer Michael Miller

Working in Costa Rica with fellow writer Michael Miller

Who is involved with the Paradise Pack?
The best digital nomads and entrepreneurs out there in the digital nomad and travel blogging world have put this one together. The guides are compiled by experts that have created their own online businesses, online income streams and are now helping others do the same. To start with the guides contain expert tips from these digital nomads:
Matt Kepnes, Backpacker extraordinaire, world’s number one travel blogger
Craig and Caz, the couple who have been travelling the world since 1997
Benny Lewis, the Irish Polyglot who can learn a language in three months and teach you how to do it too

You can find all the details here on what resources are included in this Paradise Pack.

So there you go folks – $197 US or 130 quid – a small price to pay for the money you’ll earn back on it and within a few months, it could be you. Blogging and running a business from the Philippines without a boss to report back to. You’ll be the boss. You’ll have time freedom and mobility to live the life you want. You have 24 hours left to buy the Paradise Pack for $197 / £130. You don’t want to miss that sunset in Uruguay.

Sunset at Casapueblo, Punta Ballena, Uruguay

Sunset at Casapueblo, Punta Ballena, Uruguay

I understand that $197 it is not within everyone’s budget however, so here are two other resources at a lower price that you can use to help you become a digital nomad:

1. Nomadic Matt’s Make Money with Your Travel Blog Book – it works, I bought it myself and used it 😉 I’ve met up with Nomadic Matt in NYC last year.
2. Wandering Earl’s How to Live a Lifestyle of Travel – again – it works. Wandering Earl is one of the best travel bloggers on the planet. I met up with him in Romania last year.

Afternoon tea with Nomadic Matt in NYC.

Afternoon tea with Nomadic Matt in NYC.

* This post is entirely my opinion and some of the people who run these websites and guides are friends of mine and therefore I am an affiliate and will receive an affiliate payment for any sales of the Paradise Pack or the e-Books I promote. I’ve been a travel blogger for 9 years now since 2007 and run a business from my laptop and have backpacked through over 100 countries (for real!).

Thanks for visiting my site and maybe you can meet up with me for a beer or a coffee on the road someday, now that I travel less due to my life in Poland. Good luck in becoming a digital nomad. Go do it!!

Safe travels!

Jonny Blair
Business Backpacker, Travel Writer, Author, Hardcore Wanderer, Northern Ireland football fan, Ulster Cherry
E-mail me – jonny at dontstopliving dot net

Enjoying the good life in Guatemala

Enjoying the good life in Guatemala

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“Don’t Stop Living” – Toronto High School Grafitti Artist, 2001.

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  • It’s great the way you live life, and that you share information with us to make our online business successful, I already have a year with my project and online businesses are very profitable, good that you seek to help others.

  • Hi Alex, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by liars. I am glad you enjoyed my post on freedom. Stay safe. Jonny

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