Sunday’s Inspiration: Live for the Present, There is no Tomorrow

“Tonight I’m gonna live for today so come along for the ride.” – Robbie Williams.

"Tonight I'm gonna live for today so come along for the ride" - Robbie Williams.

“Tonight I’m gonna live for today so come along for the ride” – Robbie Williams.

Today on Sunday’s Inspiration is the most important thing you’ll ever hear but yet it’s one that not enough people ever listen to. Live for today. TODAY. The present. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself NOW. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t live for tomorrow. Tomorrow might never happen. Life could end at anytime for anyone of us. We could die tomorrow. Nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow. Not a single one of us, so enjoy the moments and do what you want to do with your life NOW.

“We’ll never be as young as we are tonight” – Chuck Palahniuk

cardiff wales young

We’ll never be as young as we are tonight – partying in Cardiff, Wales in 2004.

You’re never as young as you are tonight. EVER. You’re as young as you’ll ever be, now. You get older every day. Decide what it is you want to do and do it now. All this bullshit about saving for your retirement, what?? So you work your ass off for 40 years being a puppet for other companies. Too busy working to have a life. Yes it sounds crazy that so many people do this. Even some of my mates do this – I know it and they know it, but they don’t question it. Challenge what the “norm” is.

I don’t buy into the 9-5 job shit. It’s generic. It’s fascist. It allows no freedom. This is our time. This is our life. This is my time. This is my life. I’ve been to 7 continents – BANG. That’s because I wanted it for the moment. I live for today. I want to make sure you’re all doing what you want – are you? Please – be in control and live the life you want TODAY. For all we know, we might not get tomorrow…

“Give me everything tonight, for all we know we might not get tomorrow” – Pitbull

tonight give me everything

Give it everything tonight – for all we know we might not get tomorrow.

I’m living in the moment for what is now – what is imminent – I’m currently plotting my route while I can to visit 100 real countries by the age of 35. I met a few travellers recently who were dead set on working their assess off so they could “live a luxury retirement and travel the world later in life”. Hmmm…really? What if there’s no later? This is a classic case of priorities the wrong way round. We live now. We have the power to do what we want with our lives. Even money and time should be no barrier to you living your dreams. If you have read Tim Ferriss’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” you will know what I mean (highly recommended book by the way).

Living for the moment in Ethiopia feeding hyenas.

Living for the moment in Ethiopia feeding hyenas.

Think about it:
Will you be able to hike the Inca Trail when you’re 64? Will you have the energy to play football with the hostel lads in 30 years time? Will you look out of place in a hostel dorm aged 70 with a load of backpackers 20 years younger than you? Will you be able to with a backpack through miles of desert? Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64? I hope I can still go backpacking aged 64, but just in case I can’t I’m doing it now as well.

This post was partly inspired by Liam Gallagher, George Best, Tim Ferriss and Timmy Mallett.

Give it everything tonight!

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