Sunday’s Inspiration: Chill The F#$k Out!

sundays inspiration

Sunday’s Inspiration: Chill the Fuck Out

Sure we all need a bit of stress and pressure in life sometimes. Sometimes it really helps us get through the busy times. I’ve been there before. I’ve loved it, relished it and got through it. Life is changing for me though, and it can change for you too. It’s not that I’m feeling my age, its more that I want to take advantage of my life now. I’m chilling the fuck out these days. It was once work work work. Work hard, reel in as much money as you can and live your dreams. One problem I was always too busy working to realise…time is money and more importantly money can buy you time. Chill out.

atauro island beloi

Relaxing on the beach at Beloi, Atauro Island, East Timor recently. Chilling out.

You don’t need to stress. I’ve learnt over time that most things just aren’t worth it. I value my time much more now than I’ve ever done before. This is my time. My time is my time. Your time is your time. Do what you want with it. Let me run this one past you – what would you do if I said you can do exactly the same amount of work as you currently do in less time? Think I’m crazy. Wrong. Time is money. Work brings money. Work brings pressure. Pressure brings stress. You don’t need or want it. Use the money to free up your time.


Pay someone else to do it.

Anything that anyone else can do for you, get someone else to do it for you. Last month I changed my focus on Don’t Stop Living. I freed up my own time. I started paying other people to do stuff for me. Outsourcing. Employing Staff. It’s new to me. I have staff working for me across my latest network of travel sites. Don’t Stop Living isn’t my main business focus any more, but it is my flagship site and it always will be. I’m just going to use DSL for my real life travel and lifestyle blog – nothing more, nothing less. I pay people to do the nitty gritty jobs now.

sundays inspiration

I don’t need this shit – lose the laptop and chill out.

The results?

Since I started paying staff to do my work I have freed up a lot more time. I have had little or no stress. Even better I feel I have written my best travel articles in ages this month. My backpacking articles on Sark, Paramaribo and Dili. My lifestyle article about Nicky Barmby. They’re my favourite articles in a long time. I didn’t rush them. I chilled the fuck out. In less than 5weeks I start my next big backpacking adventure to the World Cup in Brazil. I plan to chill out a lot more. I’m 34. That’s still young. But I’ve had my days of stress in the office. I don’t need them any more. Chill the fuck out.

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