How to Choose a Great Place to Stay: City Break Accommodation Checklist

We all want to live like the locals when we go away and so it’s nice to embrace the culture we become part of during our short time in any given city. Ironically, with all the information we receive in our super-connected world, it can often be hard to know where to start, particularly if you’re only there for a few days and want to make the most of your time. From adverts, to the web, to friends’ recommendations, to magazines – choosing a place to stay isn’t always easy. So, I’ve compiled a check list to ensure you get the best accommodation for your next city break.

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A City Break Accommodation Guide

Location, Location, Location

For a lot of us on a city break, being close to the hip restaurants, amazing sights and simply put – the buzz – is essential. It’s what makes a city and gives you that feeling you’re at the centre of things and experiencing that particular place. I like to keep things either central or near the bus station. I recently stayed in central Jerusalem, Yerevan and Erbil.

erbil iraq touring

Touring the city of Erbil in Iraq.

The only real way to know when you’re at the centre is to take a look at the city itself and mark out the things, areas, restaurants and nightlife you want to experience before booking your accommodation. Nobody wants to spend half their day travelling when in a city for a few nights – so do your research and then choose based on that.

adana view

View of Adana from our hotel window.

It Needn’t Be Expensive

Needless to say, great locations in cities tend to cost more – the same is true for both buying, long or short term renting and holidays. Just the same, city centre hotels charge more because they’re in better locations – this often means city breakers have to move towards the suburbs – not ideal if you wish to travel with ease. We have stayed in hotels and hostels in city centres for decent prices. I recently wrote about the Why Not Hostel in Tbilisi, Georgia and the Hotel Capital in Ankara, Turkey.

Our Hotel room in Ankara, Turkey was really central.

Our Hotel room in Ankara, Turkey was really central.

However, you don’t have to only stay in hotels and hostels you know. Holiday rentals or holiday lettings often are in fantastic city centre positions and so offer a lot more bang as regards location for your money. Many people also prefer the freedom and lack of fuss they offer.

In addition, most cosmopolitan cities have a really wide range of styles, types and price ranges of holiday lettings available. So, whether it’s a boutique offering or something a little more basic, there’s plenty on offer and loads to choose from – I’ve often used to find places.

Transport Links are Vital

The transport links are so important when away for a city break and unless you’re going to use taxis, then public transport will tend to be your option.

Got to stay close enough to transport options.

Got to stay close enough to transport options.

If you want ease when travelling and getting out and about then doing some research and ensuring your hotel is within proximity of a well-connected rail system, underground or bus route can make life a whole lot easier. Every city in the world has its transport black spots, so ensure you’re not lost in one. Good transport is everything when exploring a new place and should never be an afterthought when booking accommodation to stay in.

Remember, Have an Adventure

Finally, remember that you’re there for the adventure and the fun – so have a great time, take lots of photos and live in the moment – you might never be in that city again. You will never be this young again!

Safe travels!

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