Where to Stay in Ankara, Turkey: Hotel Capital

ankara turkey capital hotel

Where to stay in Ankara, Turkey: The Capital Hotel.

My Turkish experience has been pretty cool in that we have gone to a few places well off the backpacking trail which was nice. This has meant spending time staying in hotels and even caves (at Goreme) instead of the usual hostel lifestyle. While Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and houses 5 million people, it doesn’t really have a “backpacker scene”, something which becomes obvious as you wander the streets!

backpacking in ankara turkey

Backpacking in Ankara, not many other travellers about but a great city.

In terms of places to stay, we chose the excellent Hotel Capital. This fitted for a few reasons and we loved it here.

Looking down on Ankara from the 7th floor of the Hotel Capital

Looking down on Ankara from the 7th floor of the Hotel Capital

1. Excellent Views of Ankara

We were lucky to get a window with a view on the 7th Floor. It was amazing to stare out at the Citadel and busy streets below. The weirdest part of our stay was experiencing a slight tremor on we were there! It hit 5 on the Richter Scale.

view from bedroom hotel capital

The fantastic view of Ankara from our hotel room – can see the Mosques and the Citadel.

2. Free Wi-Fi

As a traveller these days, Wi Fi has become essential for keeping touch with friends, family and on top of business. The Hotel Capital has free Wi Fi. I’ve loved it!

capital hotel travel blog

Making use of the Wi Fi in the Hotel Capital and updating my travel blog.

3. Location

Ankara is a truly enormous city and it can be hard to find your bearings early on, but the Hotel Capital is well located. Just 5 minutes walk from the foot of the Citadel, close to Ulus metro station, on a main street (Cankiri Caddesi No. 21) and near lively restaurants and shops. It’s well located and we didn’t have to rely on public transport much when we were here.

hotel capital turkey ankara

Hotel Capital is close to this monument in central Ankara, Turkey.

4. Clean and spacious rooms

The love of a double bed, a comfy seat, a hot shower and even a desk for me to get work done made this a super place. The rooms are spacious and clean.

ankara capital hotel spacious

The spacious room at the Capital Hotel in Ankara, Turkey.

5. All you can eat breakfast

The breakfast was plentiful!! Such a range to choose from for hot food, cold food, salads, cereals and the drinks. Breakfast is included in your room rate too!

breakfast in ankara capital hotel

All you can eat breakfast in the Capital Hotel in Ankara.

So if you end up backpacking in Ankara, don’t despair that there ain’t other backpackers about, you can stay in the awesome three star Hotel Capital and relax in a city that is capital of a truly massive country. I’ll be writing more about Ankara in the next few weeks!

hotel capital ankara turkey

Relaxing in the lobby at the excellent Hotel Capital in Ankara, Turkey.

Book the Hotel Capital through Agoda (one of my partner sites)

The Hotel Capital website

Hotel Capital, Cankiri Caddesi No. 21, 06030 Ulus, Ankara, Turkey

Tel: (0312) 310 45 75

[email protected]

Here are some videos from our room at the Hotel Capital:

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