The Best Family-Friendly Activities on New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is one of the best locations in the world to take the family for adventure, relaxation, and fun of all kinds. As New Zealand North Island tour packages become increasingly popular, you’ll want to explore all the fun and excitement you can get your hands on! Here are just a few of the places you and your family should venture on the North Island. Let’s jump right in!

The Best Family-Friendly Activities on New Zealand’s North Island


While watching Lord of the Rings, many of us, both young and old, fell in love with the allure and splendor of the Hobbit Hole. On New Zealand’s North Island, your fantasies can become a wonderful reality in Hobbiton. This rendition of the Shire is the ideal place to let your imagination run wild while you are entranced with stories of how this fairy tale land came together. Hobbiton is something that should not be missed! Even if you have yet to see the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit trilogies, you and your kids will love the level of artistry and imagination that has gone into every piece of this quaint town. 

The Best Family-Friendly Activities on New Zealand’s North Island

Hot Water Beach

Other beach trips will seem average after you have experienced the enjoyment of Hot Water Beach. At Hot Water Beach you will see a lot of surfing, relaxing, and digging. Digging in this sand is not without a purpose. Due to hot springs beneath the surface of the sand, as you dig, warm, comfortable water bubbles up from below. Enjoy warm water in your very own hand dug pool, even on cooler days at Hot Water Beach. 


Kids and animals go together beautifully, and if you’re a parent of animal-loving children, your trip to New Zealand’s North Island should not be without an adventure to Agrodome. This 350 acre farm is the largest in New Zealand and features a variety of animals and produce you can pick for yourself. A trip to Agrodome is the ideal way to get your kids away from technology and give them the opportunity to embrace the natural setting of this working farm. Walking the farm is an option, but if you want to see it all without the task of walking this expansive space, consider one of their in-depth and adventurous jeep tours. 

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The Best Family-Friendly Activities on New Zealand’s North Island


Geothermal activity is a natural phenomenon, but few places have live access to this amazing occurrence. On New Zealand’s North Island and specifically at Rotorua, you can experience natural hot springs, mud pots, and even geysers! Not only will you and your family be engulfed with the splendor of this remarkable phenomenon, but your children can experience the allure of the native Maori culture in Rotorua. 


New Zealand is a well-known family friendly destination, and spending a week or two in this spectacular part of the world will give you a new appreciation for nature, culture, and so much more. New Zealand’s North Island is just waiting to be explored, so pack up the kids, book a family travel package, and get traveling today!


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