The Best Living Options for Digital Nomads

Living options get a little crazy as a digital nomad. You can’t keep staying in hotels because that can be costly, and the following options may make life a little easier.

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The Best Living Options for Digital Nomads

A Roommate Option

Many digital nomads opt for a roommate living situation for renting. This arrangement works more times than not, especially if the person you find is okay with short-term agreements, but it’s not without its faults. Most renters searching for a roommate want someone to help fulfill the lease for at least a year, if not longer. Most digital nomads aren’t interested in staying put for that long. With that said, a desire to live in a specific city for a year or longer warrants a good look at roommate options.

Consider Co-living

Digital nomads are starting to learn more about coliving. This relieves some pressure you feel from staying with roommates because there’s no master lease. Each person has their own lease, and short-term stays are okay. You’ve got options for coliving in San Francisco and other major cities around the nation. Coliving means you’ll be sharing things like a kitchen and living room. In essence, communal living is encouraged, which is pretty cool for folks who travel and need to make connections wherever they go. You might find your next best friend just by staying in one of these locations.

Extended Stays

If you want more privacy, then extended stays are your next best choice. These can be relatively expensive, especially compared to coliving prices, but it’s still a good option. You’ll be paying a little less than hotels, and you usually get a fully furnished apartment complete with a kitchen. You can make yourself at home wherever you end up. You’ll find these sorts of stays in almost any major city, including places like San Francisco or New York City. Privacy does make it easier for you to be yourself and not have to answer to anyone. Be sure to start looking early for your next extended stay because these tend to go rather quickly.

Couch Surfing

This one is pretty cost-effective, but it’s also a little inconvenient. You’re asking people to let you sleep on their couch or in their extra room. Some online sites connect you with folks who are willing to open up their doors to you. It might feel a little strange to go into the house of some stranger, but it’s less expensive than your alternatives. You also get to talk to folks who lived in the area you’re visiting. These folks might be able to give you some helpful suggestions or tips so that you enjoy the town or city more.

Work for Stays

Some digital nomads are willing to stay in places where they can work for their room. This gives you work experience, and you get to save a lot of money since you’ll be working to pay for your stay. The problem is you’ll have to work while you’re in this new place. As a digital nomad, you have an online job, and the extra work could get in the way of things. Even if you do manage to juggle both workloads, it’ll be challenging, and no one wants that. Look into local farmhouses or folks who need a little help around the house or maybe someone who needs a house-sitter.

A digital nomad has more options than just staying in hotels. Keep an eye out for additional choices because digital nomads continue to rise, and that means they’ll be more accommodations.

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