The Best Time for Diving in Komodo Island

So, you’ve finally saved up enough to take you diving in Komodo. You’re all packed, you’ve taken a vacation leave at work, and all your buddies are ready.

The Best Time for Diving in Komodo Island

But is it the right time to go diving at Komodo?

The time you visit Komodo is crucial as it determines how adventurous your trips will be. Komodo experiences heavy currents and tides all the time, and so, there are seasons where diving isn’t the best option.

That’s why you need to be sure that when you travel to Komodo Islands, you’ll have great weather and a calm ocean for diving.

That said, here are the best times to travel to Labuan Bajo and Komodo.

  1. April – June

This is probably the best time for diving in Komodo. During this period, the rainy season is over, and the ocean is much calmer.

Since it’s immediately after the Manta season, you’ll find that most of these beautiful creatures are still nearby. The visibility of the water is also pretty clear.

However, these conditions tend to vary, depending on your location in Komodo.

For instance, the northern parts of the Komodo National park can be a bit warmer than the central and southern sides.

The same goes for water visibility.

This period is also the perfect time to take photographs, since the green vegetation is still growing and glowing!

  1. July – August

Weather conditions during this period are pretty much the same as that of April-June. The only difference here is the number of tourists in the area.

With many tourists around, everything in the town becomes a tad expensive, boats will be everywhere, and hotel prices skyrocket!

There’ll also be a bit of congestion in the diving spots since everyone wants to dive in Komodo.

The good thing about this season is that it’s the mating season for most animals. So, you might get pretty good pictures for your gallery.

However, I’d advise that you book your trip early in advance or hold off for a while till October-November.

  1. September- November

If you are looking for the perfect time to go diving in Komodo, then this is the season.

The sun is a bit hot; their rains are low, tickets and prices are cheap, there are few tourists, and it’s the season for Komodo dragons, Whales, and the Manta rays.

These are probably the driest months in Komodo, which makes diving the perfect activity.

During October and November, you actually wish to get a little rain, and a dive in the clear ocean waters is pure heaven.

Snorkeling and scuba diving during this period is remarkable. – you get to interact with the aquatic animals peacefully. If you’re lucky, you can even catch the Manta rays dance!

  1. December to March

This is the dawn of the rainy seasons. It’s also the time for the full and new moon, both of which you should avoid. The nights can also be rainy.

To be honest, this isn’t the best time to travel to Komodo, unless you don’t have another free time.

Decembers are, however, still good. Despite its occasional rains, you can still catch some exciting creatures in your dive, and the water visibility will always be clear.

January to March; however, things get worse. The winds become stronger, tides rise higher, and the rains are heavier. It, therefore, becomes more difficult to dive.

February is the worst month to travel. As a matter of fact, most Komodo cruise and tour companies don’t allow traveling during this month.

However, a silver lining to this season is that it’s the Manta season, and the Komodo is still present.

Final thoughts

While Komodo Island is an amazing destination. The time you visit it will determine just how much of the island you can explore.

Additionally, if you want to have the best diving experience, then you need to travel during the September- November season.

All in all, Komodo is a great place all-year and so, regardless of the time you travel there’ll always be something for you. Just take your time and plan well!

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