The Don’t Stop Living Art Story: Logo Mock Ups

Whether you think it’s important or not, the logo of a company sticks and it becomes part of the culture of any brand. The Don’t Stop Living logo has remained constant and consistent since 2013, however I had a few different logos before that, all in a similar style and all using the colours blue, white and green. The colours of land (green), sea (light blue) and ice (Antarctica/purity) mixed with the Don’t Stop Living abbreviation of DSL were what I used to design my logo. – a lifestyle of travel

Since 2013, I’ve loved the logo and had no need to change it. The logo has also been used on my social media channels:

Don’t Stop Living on Instagram
Don’t Stop Living on Facebook
My Twitter account now has my other blog’s logo, as I now live in Poland, this one…from my other website, Northern Irishman in Poland.

Northern Irishman in Poland header and logo

I have also issued the Don’t Stop Living logo as the country’s national flag, on postcards, ties and vinyl stickers. But for newbies to the world of design, here is how to get started thanks to Design Bundles.

Where to Find Affordable Digital Products
Look no further than Design Bundles, which is a fantastic website with a range of well priced digital products to help promote your brand and business. The company started in July 2016 and has gone from strength to strength since then. You can browse through their digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. You can check them out if you need a mockup logo.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles has over 1 million users now and a whopping 150,000 products on their online marketplace. Designers are top notch and you can have the logo printed on so many different items these days. Simply head to the Mockup Bundle link and select the perfect logo for your brand or business. Here are some examples…

Choose your logo

Choose your logo

After browsing, it is very important to choose wisely as your logo will stay with you for a long time, so you need a good one. Once you start to promote your brand, you want people to like the logo, and more importantly to remember it and know your brand or business through the logo.

Choose your logo

Once you have your chosen logo, it’s time to spread it around and promote your brand. With Don’t Stop Living, I also use the logo on my Business Cards, fliers, postcards and ties…but really the options are endless, you can delve into anything – even t-shirts, clocks, mugs, phone covers etc.

Don’t Stop Living business cards

Dont Stop Living postcard front

For all brands, it is important to have a strong consistent logo. People need to remember it. Think of all the big companies (whether you like them or not) – the likes of Coca Cola, McDonald’s, BMW, Mercedes, Apple and so on, they all have strong brands and instantly recogniseable logos – do this for your brand too.

The DSL tie

All of these came from just having a good, consistent logo. As well as these ideas, you can even get clothing designed such as a sweatshirt mockup. So now you have the incentive, get creative, head to the Design Bundles site and be ready to improve and increase your brand’s potential.

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