The Email I Sent To Paperblog Asking for My Account to Be Deleted

As you know I am an honest blogger and have no qualms exposing those who are not. This is the email I sent to Paperblog asking for ALL my posts, photos and entire account to be deleted. Please delete them asap. I have reported you to Google already. I do not want my account, my name, my photos or any of my posts on your account. This is a sensitive legal matter. You have synced posts that are not even on my website anymore and were deleted by me. Please remove and terminate my accounts ASAP.

I sent this to [email protected] at

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Please delete all posts and terminate my account. – jsbdsl –


I wrote several times urgently for posts to be removed and they weren’t so please delete this ASAP and write to me to confirm.
Jonny Blair
Travel Writer at  and
Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel “

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