The Time-keeping Backpacker: Affordable Watches For Watch Lovers On A Budget

Most people who are new to watches will tend to think that quality comes with a price. Well, isn’t that the truth with almost every product known to man? But, while there’s truth in that way of thinking, plenty of watchmakers have now doubled down on making products with excellent quality at less cost.

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The Time-keeping Backpacker: Affordable Watches For Watch Lovers On A Budget

Nowadays, the watch market has tons of options that you can choose from—different materials, movement types, and designs that suit your fashion sense and budget. More brands are becoming more aware of the need of their target customers and are finding ways to address them. One of those is having a watch that they can buy at a comfortable price.

It’s a great boutique visit when you spot a watch that’s under $1000 or under $500 that you can be proud of. Such brands produce those now, and you’re probably dying to learn about them. So without further ado, here are affordable watches for watch lovers on a budget.

Seiko 5

This automatic mechanical watch made by famous Japanese brand Seiko is at the top of most reviewers’ lists of affordable watches. It’s tough to beat this model because it’s just so good to turn down, especially if you’re a working man or woman. An automatic movement type watch priced at $100 may as well be your all-time favorite dessert in the form of a timepiece.

It’s easy on the eyes because you can see the time and date as clear as day. It also has a timeless appearance, which means you can wear it as long as it functions. The automatic movement also spares you from replacing the battery when the need comes and from hand-winding.

The Seiko 5 may be the best option you’ll see when you search Seiko watches prices online. This is because it’s convenient and durable, two things that most budget buyers look for in most products.

Withings Move Timeless Chic

If you prefer looking at analog watches over digital or don’t have the budget for a smartwatch yet, this watch is absolutely the best one for you. Withings’ Move Timeless Chic is an analog watch with the functionality of a smartwatch. If you’re wondering how and if that’s even possible, well, it is.

This quartz-type watch has an app where you’ll do most of its operations. It has a secondary dial, which serves as a step counter. You can adjust the time, set alarms, and even check your heart rate, and analyze your sleeping on the app. Besides that, you can also track more than 30 physical activities.

Not only is it for analog enthusiasts, but it’s also for analog enthusiasts that practice a healthy lifestyle. Since it’s designed to be used most of the time, its battery can last 18 months.

Casio G-Shock GM5600-1

A budget watch for the blue-collar working men and women? Yes, there’s such a thing that can keep up with your regular handling of power tools and construction work. It’s called a Casio G-Shock GM5600-1, and it’s basically indestructible.

It has padding around its key mechanisms to safeguard it from drops and a protruding case that keeps the mineral crystals from direct force impact. It’s also water-resistant for up to 200 meters and vibration and electric shockproof. So if you want durability, this is as durable as it gets for its low price.

Final thoughts

Besides the other luxurious options on the watch market, you can have these affordable ones that suit your needs. These models show that price isn’t everything; it’s all about function. Cheap watches don’t always mean substandard if they can be anything like the ones in this article.

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