Thirsty Thursdays: Black Tuesday (Terca Negra) in Recife, Brazil

beer and food in Recife Brazil

Thirsty Thursdays: Black Tuesday in Recife involved live music, beer and food. Brazilian Style!

Today’s Thirsty Thursdays takes us to Brazil where I had a great night out in Recife. I found out about a local event called “Black Tuesday” (Terca Negra) in the city and set about heading down there for some beers and live music with my Brazilian friend Katia. Recife is a phenomenal city – it’s outrageously big and navigation is a pain in the ass if you don’t have a local guide. Katia stepped in and we were off to watch Black Tuesday.

church in recife black tuesday

The Non-Symmetrical Church in Recife on route to Black Tuesday.

What is Black Tuesday/Terca Negra in Recife?

It is a totally FREE outdoor live music event in a pretty square in Recife. The music style has an unusual edge to it – it’s Afro Brazilian. This is a type of music that I hadn’t really heard before so it was intriguing. Believe it or not, it’s not amazingly well known locally. I had picked up a flier for it at the airport somehow and just fancied it. It wasn’t in the Lonely Planet guide and my friend Katia hadn’t been to it in years and didn’t know it still existed.

black tuesday in Recife

The Patio de São Pedro in the Santo Antonio neighbourhood of Recife, Brazil.

Where is Black Tuesday/Terca Negra in Recife?

It’s at Patio de São Pedro in the Santo Antonio neighbourhood. I had Katia driving me and even then it took some finding. Once you get to the square known as Patio de Sao Pedro, you will see a number of old buildings around and a marvellous church at the back of the square.

When is Black Tuesday/Terca Negra in Recife?

It is held EVERY Tuesday so if you’re heading to Recife for a few days, then try and make one of them a Tuesday for a free music concert.

black tuesday recife brazil

Enjoying the randomness of Black Tuesday in Recife, Brazil.

What is there to do at Black Tuesday/Terca Negra in Recife?

To be honest it’s just a mini party in the street! But Brazilian Style so it involves:

– music

– beer

– food

– dancing

– happy people

Black Recife Brazil cocktails

Cocktails, beers, dancing, food and everything you’d expect all takes place at Black Tuesday in Recife.

Once it was over we headed to a bar for drinks – we drank a lot of cocktails and beers and it was a great night out. I’m pretty sure I’ll cover the night of drinking in Recife’s bars and clubs at some point. For today though, it was hard heavy Afro Brazilian music in a square. Thanks to Katia for taking me along to Black Tuesday Recife. And yes I know it’s a Tuesday and it’s now ironically on a Thirsty Thursday but what can you do…

A video from Black Tuesday Recife:

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  • Wow Jonny! You toured some really remote towns and wrote about them. Recife in Brazil? Never heard of it!! And even more cool – your friend from there (Katia) actually met you and showed you the sights and had a beer together, she didn’t lie to you. Wish I could rewind time and understand why you backpacked to the lonely towns and villages of every tourist and friend you made on your 14 year, 150 country journey. As always, safe travels and best wishes, Karolina

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