Thirsty Thursdays: Lads Holidays in Magaluf, Majorca, Spain

magaluf majorca lads holidays

Thirsty Thursdays – timewarped to Magaluf in Majorca, Spain with the lads in days gone by…

If the lads are reading this it might jog a few memories from back in the day. Rather than “backpacking in Majorca”, we partied in Majorca, spending a week in the party hub of Magaluf. Thirsty Thursdays today takes me back to 2001, while keeping you in touch with the present. Magaluf it seems it STILL all it’s cracked up to be and all it was back then for a younger and less worldly Jonny Blair. I make no apologies for the lack of real travel advice on this post as it’s my blog, remember 😉

lads holidays majorca

Partying in Magaluf with the lads!

So we landed in Palma and got a bus to Playa 3 apartments in Magaluf. That’s pretty much the only sober part of the entire holiday. Throw in the odd morning fry up, a spot of crazy golf and a few visits to the beach to phase out our hangovers and you get the idea. Lads will be lads and things got messy. Magaluf is alcohol and party heaven.

michael mcclelland and jonny blair in magaluf

Michael and I get ready to party up in Magaluf.

Nights started off with a carryout on the balcony at our apartment. It was me, Gavin, Michael, Chris and Beggsy. Being reunited with Chris a few weeks ago in Hong Kong triggered the memory of this holiday before I became a global backpacker and travel lunatic. These were good times though and there’s a sense of sadness at the thought that those days have truly passed me by. I just wouldn’t party 7 nights in a row anymore. I’d spend the money backpacking instead.

After food and drinks on our balcony, then we’d head to bars (of which Magaluf has many), drink cocktails and cheap beer, chat to as many girls as possible before heading to a club, of which I remember these top 3:

1. BCM/Millennium

2. Boomerang

3. Tokio Joes

Foam parties, nudity and watching sunrise on the beach with a girl you’ve just met were all part of the Magaluf days. I was young and that was what we did.

swimming in magaluf

Doing the beaches and swimming by day meant it wasn’t all a big piss up!

Majorca aside from all of the craziness of Magaluf is a charming holiday destination and churches, beaches, local markets and Spanish buildings are just as cool to visit as the bars (Yes, I say that now!). As I backpack my way round the globe I often see Magaluf crop up now and again, loads of airlines fly to Majorca now and the place is still as booming as ever. It’s still a cool time to escape to Majorca. For now though, and for the lads, those days were fun, but they came to an end.

No videos on today’s Thirsty Thursdays. Trust me – you wouldn’t want to see them. Either I’d cringe or your mother would ban them. Keep on dreaming and don’t stop living!

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