Off to Africa! The Biggest Break from Don’t Stop Living in Ages!

jonny blair in soweto shebeens

Backpacking in Soweto in 2011 on my only previous visit to Africa!

Hi one and all, as you may have known or noticed, I’m posting new stuff almost every day and have been since about October 2012. It’;s been pretty full on and I’ve loved taking my travel blog one step further than it was in its first five years or so. I’ve been working my ass off on Don’t Stop Living away from my normal life of working and backpacking. Having had all my recent posts scheduled in advance, I’m now going to get used to being offline for almost an entire week as I head to Africa for safari. I have a bucketload of new stuff written of course as I’m constantly writing, but this week and next I don’t have the time to upload the photos and videos to go with the text, nor to get online and promote the hell out of it!

safari africa swaziland ezulwini

In Ezulwini Market in Swaziland in 2011.

I’m doing a Safari with Shadows of Africa and really looking forward to it. So while I sit and admire animals in Tanzania, hang around for a week or so and I’ll be back with more travel stories and tales than could ever be imagined! As a bonus I also have 3 days in Ethiopia on this trip, which is a new country for me, but just a quick stop over.

In the meantime, if you get a chance, don’t stop living!

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