Thirsty Thursdays: Water and Lucozade

Jonny Blair feeling sick in Hong Kong

Thirsty Thursdays: Today no real travel story of getting pissed up. It’s time to relax and kick this virus. Lucozade and water…

The last 2 days haven’t being the glammed up and happy travel life you want. I’ve been confined to bed and the toilet. In equal measures. All travel bloggers and writers seem to concentrate on the good things – arriving in new cities, trying new food, seeing world heritage sites etc. But from now on, I think it’s time to show the full extent of the real lifestyle of a world traveller. It’s not all champagne and skittles. Travel has its ups and downs and please forgive me for the shortness of this post and the lack of posts in the last few days. I’m not well.

Travel tablets illness in Hong Kong Jonny Blair

My medication for the newt few days of travel. I’ll be sleeping off my illness instead of globetrotting and travel blogging.

I’ve caught a virus and I’ve got a fever. Thirsty Thursdays today has meant sleep, toilet, water and lucozade. As I prepare for my next big adventure in less than a week – heading to Borneo for the first time! But I need to recover from this illness first. It’s off to bed now for an early night, will be back online and updating with my endless travel stories as soon as I feel well enough. On with the show…

Yes I need my water and Lucozade…


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursdays: Water and Lucozade

  • Thanks Maria – seen the Doctor already yesterday here in China. That photo above is the medication he gave me – thankfully all can be done in English nowadays so I’m sorted. Into my third day now so aiming to be back at work in the morning (Saturday). Worst illness in 10 years of travel for me as I have spent over 3 hours in toilets/bathrooms. Jonny

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