Every year thousands of people from around the world converge on the Nevada desert to celebrate the Burning Man Festival. It’s a celebration of art, culture, self-expression and humanity.


Tickets to Burning Man sell out fast because The Bureau of Land Management puts a cap on the number participants each year. Burning Man typically takes place in August and September, but pre-sale tickets go on sale in January and the official sale starts February.

Hotels and Camping

The Burning Man Festival takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and features thousands of campers who spend the night in a variety of tents and recreational vehicles. The nearest commercial airport is in Reno, which is located about 120 miles from the festival. If you want to spend the night before the start of the event, or after the event, at a hotel in Reno, book your room in advance.

The small community of Winnemucca Nevada sits about 225 miles from the festival and is also a popular stopping point for burners before and after the festival. Each year the Winnemucca Inn and the Winners Inn Casino cater to festival goers who seek a good night’s rest before roughing it in the Nevada desert.

Must-Have Items

There are several must-have items, besides the basics of water, food and shelter, that you should consider packing for the festival.


Bring lots of sunscreen. The Nevada desert is brutal on skin, especially if you are among the festival goers who enjoys shedding conventional clothing items.


Burning Man is huge, encompassing 5.5 miles of desert space and consisting of numerous camps. Cycling is an easy way to get from place to place and explore the wide array of campsites.

Ear Plugs

The event is loud and goes on 24 hours a day. If you value a good night’s sleep, pack a pair of ear plugs to help drown out the noise for a few hours of blissful slumber.

Clothing Variety

Weather in the Nevada desert is unpredictable. Daytime highs can reach triple digits and nighttime lows can plummet below freezing. Pack a variety of clothing items to fit each extreme. You should also bring an umbrella for torrential downpours and dust storms.

With an expected attendance of 50,000 plus each year, there is little doubt that the Burning Man Festival is one of the premier free-spirit events in the world. With a bit of planning, your attendance at the unique function will undoubtedly be memorable.