Top 10 Travel eBooks To Buy

A recent conversation with a mate sparked the whole “are physical books dead?” debate and while I disagreed, we did admit that travelling light means bunging e-Books into your hard drive storage and laptop. And a few of my travel blogging buddies have released some awesome e-Books the last few years. I’ve read these all myself and now I’m aiming to promote them to help you travel cheaper too – I bring you my top 10 Travel e-Books to help you on your way. I’m planning on writing a few e-Books in the new year too!!! All prices in US Dollars unless otherwise stated and subject to change.

top 10 e-books

e-Book killed the paperback book? No, I don’t think so, but still, here are 10 great e-Books!

1. How to Live a Life of Travel by Derek Earl Baron (Price – $27)

This book by Derek Earl Baron, is as good as it gets. Once you read it you will think differently and you will get out and see the world!! I gave a good chapter by chapter guide on a review I did if you want any further proof. This is ideal if you’re in a rut and not sure what to do with your life. Read this, start planning your adventure and never look back! It’s only $27 US Dollars, and is 220 pages long. Click on the link to buy it instantly:

How to live a life of travel

how to live a life of travel

The excellent book – How to Live A Life of Travel by Derek Earl Baron, AKA Wandering Earl!

2. How to Travel the World on 50 US Dollars a Day by Matt Kepnes (Price – $15)

Yes you can travel the world for $50 US Dollars a day! As a rough average, Matt Kepnes has given a figure of $50 US a day to help you travel round the world. It’s easy if you follow his excellent tips and do it. The only extra advice I’d add is make sure you have a job while you travel, as that’s what I do. Matt’s a travel hacker who loves a good deal!

How to Travel the World on 50 US Dollars A Day!!

travel the world on $50 US a day

Recommended book – How to travel the world on $50 US a day

3. How to Teach English Overseas by Matt Kepnes (Price – $19)

Again Nomadic Matt comes up trumps with this perfect book on teaching English overseas. It’s a great insight into how to earn money all over the world. It surprised me how easy it is to teach English on your travels and this is a MUST BUY book if you intend to do so. Plus if you don’t like it you can get a full refund after 30 days! Can’t say fairer than that! I’ve taught English myself for about 2 years of my travel lifestyle, and am also offering FREE TEFLs at the moment.

How to Teach English Overseas

teaching English overseas

How to teach English Overseas – BUY IT NOW!!

4. The Liar’s Guide to South America by Mike Delwiche (Price – $5)

Mike Delwiche’s excellent book is a tale of love and lust with the bonus of a tour of South America within the book’s storyline. Andrew Mozart is after a girl called Sarah and he chases her all over the continent! It’s a crazy book, I’ve done a full review here – A Liar’s Guide to South America.

The Liar’s Guide to South America

liar's guide to south america

The Liar’s Guide to South America – reviewed by Jonny Blair on Dont Stop Living

5. Traveling in Sin by Lisa and George Rajna (Price – £6.81)

An awesome real life account of 11 months in their travel lifestyle. Lisa and George run the excellent website We Said Go Travel. I’ve done a full review of the book here.

Traveling in Sin

traveling in sin book lisa

Book Review – Traveling in Sin By George and Lisa Niver Rajna.

6. How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog!! (Book – $27, Package – $67)

OK so this book is more of a money making travel tip, and for those wanting to start to document their travels. If you have a travel blog, or want to start one, then this book gets you thinking in the right way to ensure you make some cash as you travel the world. You never know where a travel blog will take you. This book is also from Nomadic Matt and I reviewed it here. You can buy it using the link below.

How to Monetize Your blog

Dont Stop Living - How to make money from your travel blog

How to Make Money From Your Travel Blog!! (a book not to be missed)

7. Get Paid to Travel: Work on a Cruise Ship (Price – $25)

Derek Earl Baron’s book which is a guide to working on a cruise ship is a great way to end up in an industry that allows you to travel as much as you want. Work on a cruise ship, save loads of money and see the world! That’s all there is to it – read this book and you will be able to work on a cruise ship, travel the world and live your travel dreams. Can’t recommend it enough!

How to get a job on a Cruise Ship

How to get a job on cruise ships dont stop living

Great book on how to get a job on Cruise Ships. That’s me working in St. Malo.

8. The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking! (Price – $37)

This brand new e-Book from Nomadic Matt is bunged full of tips and tricks to help you travel for longer, cheaper and smarter. Matt knows his stuff, really worthwhile purchase this one: Guide to Travel Hacking

book from nomadic matt

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Hacking Book.

9. How to do Taiwan on the Cheap by Taiwan Expert (Price – $5 US)

You might have read all my crazy Taiwan backpacking adventures and I simply loved my time on the island. It’s a country that you can do on the cheap no sweat but you need to know how to do it. This book is currently a bargain at $5 so get it and get out to Taiwan. Amazing place!

How to do Taiwan On A Budget

taiwan backpacking

Backpacking in Taiwan – awesome e-Book to save you money round the island!

10. Speak From Day One by Benny Lewis (Price – $87)

Fellow Irish traveller Benny has created a great niche with his “Speak From Day One” series. Benny travels round the world learning different languages and runs an awesome website called Fluent in 3 . To buy his book, check out the following link:

Learn a Language Fluently in 3 Months!

speak from day 1

Speak from Day 1 – Benny’s language hacking guide!

That’s my top 10 e-Books at the moment folks, here are a few others I like:

100 Travel Tips in 100 Days!!

Quit your Job! Travel the World!

Inspiring Your Travels by Andrea!

* Yes, these links are some of my affiliate links and partner sites so I will earn a slight commission on any links tracked that lead to a purchase. The money from this helps keep my website going 😉 and gives me added enthusiasm to keep on blogging!

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