Book Review: The Liar’s Guide to South America, by Mike Delwiche

Liar's Guide to South America - Mike Delwiche

The Liar’s Guide to South America by Mike Delwiche – an excellent read!!

I’ve done a few book reviews on here before, but only books related to travel, as funny enough these types of books are the ones I most enjoy, being an avid traveller. I love reading books on trains, planes, buses etc. and at airports and bus stations. This time it’s a novel by Michael Delwiche – The Liar’s Guide to South America.

Andrew Mozart in A Liar's Guide to South America ends up in Brazil

A Liar’s Guide to South America – Andrew Mozart ends up in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

And so, three years after my own incredible trip to South America, I came across Mike Delwiche’s novel “The Liar’s Guide to South America”. I was intrigued by the very title and I got stuck right into it!! It’s available as an e-Book here:

Buy The Liar’s Guide to South America

First up I want to be positive from the offset – I LOVED the book. The Liar’s Guide to South America totally lived up to expectations and has you on the edge of your seat, you might even fall off. Grab a coffee, you’ll be hooked!

A Liar's Guide to South America by Mike Delwiche

The Liar’s Guide to South America – Andrew Mozart also headed to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazil and Argentina Border

Secondly I found so many real life parallels to my own trip round South America in 2010 – 2011 to that of Andrew Mozart. Andrew Mozart is the key man in this book, the lead character. Having been working in a busy UK office and fancying the pants off this chick sat near his desk, Andrew finds himself falling in love with her, but was too shy to tell her. Then this girl, by the name of Sarah decides to jack her job in and head on an adventure round South America (by the way, who wouldn’t?!).

Andrew Mozart flying in Argentina

Andrew Mozart books flights at the drop of a hat to find Sarah in the Book “The Liar’s Guide to South America”

Bored and going nowhere, Andrew Mozart does the crazy thing and books a flight just a few days after Sarah’s and is hell bent on following her (stalking her), finding her and telling her he loves her. It would have been so much easier to tell her over an after work beer in the UK, but he chickened out. Inspired by his father’s journeys and supplied with money from his father’s death (which you’ll read about), Mozart gets on the next plane to Rio in Brazil.

Andrew Mozart does Ushuaia in The Liar's Guide to South America

Andrew Mozart also made it to the end of the world at Ushuaia in search of Sarah in the book “The Liar’s Guide to South America”

This is where the book takes off and gets exciting. You are kept intrigued by Andrew Mozart’s exploits. The author Mike Delwiche uses his own wit and humour interspersed with some kind of travel inspiration to tell a tale of a man lusting after a girl who is always one step ahead of him. Andrew Mozart is also an inexperienced traveller, as Irish girl Kerry finds out when she encounters him in Brazil.

Andrew Mozart on a lifestyle of travel website by Jonny Blair

Andrew Mozart walks alone on the Salt Flats of Uyuni in Bolivia in the novel “The Liar’s Guide to South America”

Andrew Mozart heads from city to city, often missing key sights as he only wants one thing: to find Sarah. He doesn’t care too much for the incredible waterfalls or Iguazu, the glaciers near Ushuaia or even the partying of La Paz. Finding Sarah is his goal. It’s a rollercoaster ride from start to finish for the composed Mozart.

Andrew Mozart is on Don't Stop Living - Jonny Blair's travel lifestyle site

Andrew Mozart is on the quest to find Sarah – here’s a peak into one of her e-mails in the epic novel “The Liar’s Guide to South America”

I’ll let you into one secret: he knows the password for her e-mail account. But that’s all he has to go by. The rest is a magical mystery tour with more twists than a Poirot Thriller.

Andrew Mozart partied in La Paz - Jonny Blair reviews the book on Don't Stop Living

Andrew Mozart parties it up in La Paz while searching for Sarah in “The Liar’s Guide to South America”

It wasn’t just the story that kept me reading, it was also the places. I had travelled to almost every place mentioned in the book, and could relate to the author’s descriptions. Yes, this is NOT a travel guide, it’s the Liar’s Guide to South America but journeys to the city at the end of the world, some casual sex in Argentina and a visit to the Salt Plains of Bolivia are all things travellers can relate to. Andrew Mozart’s tour is different – he’s not taking photos of sunsets, checking “the Lonely Planet” for advice or even learning Spanish – he’s looking for a girl.

Andrew Mozart looks for Sarah - book review by Don't Stop Living a lifestyle of travel

Find out if Andrew Mozart makes it to Machu Picchu, or if he even care about the lost city of the Incas…

I won’t spoil the story for you, or even go into detail, I just really want you to read it, and remember I also inspire you all to get out and see South America. You’ll notice I’ve placed my own photos of my South American journey in this post to give you that peek into my lifestyle. I love to travel the world, however in this book, Andrew Mozart travels in a totally different way.

If any budding film directors are reading – this book would make an amazing film! A great storyline, a real life thriller, edge of the seat stuff and even better it would be filmed in places such as La Paz, Machu Picchu and Rio! Imagine the landscapes of those places with a love story happening in the foreground…

I’d recommend taking this book with you to South America (put it on your laptop, kindle or smart phone), once you’ve been there and read it, you can relate to it. Hats off to Mike Delwiche – I reckon he should do a sequel…


The Liar’s Guide to South America on Facebook.

Mike Delwiche’s Website.

Buy The Liar’s Guide to South America.

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