Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Free Tea and Coffee

Save money on tea and coffee by taking them from hotels

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – free tea and coffee!

Some of my Monday’s Money Saving Tips involve the really simple things to stop you spending silly money on your adventures. Aside from the essential water, and the luxury of a beer, my two other favourite drinks on my travels are tea and coffee. You don’t need to pay for them, it’s easy to get free tea and coffee on your travels you know. Here’s a few tips:

– Don’t go to Starbucks (yes, I know they often have free wi-fi, but the price of the coffee is more than you could pay in an internet cafe for 30 – 60 minutes of internet), and OK if you do venture into Starbucks, take lots of sugar and napkins with you. You’ve paid over the odds for a coffee, get some of it back 😉

Jonny Blair does Monday's Money Saving tips on free tea and coffee

You can start by avoiding Starbucks, as tempting as it may be…

– Stay in hostels that offer free tea and coffee (just say you only drink 2 or 3 cups a day – you’ve already saved money).

Money Saving tips on a lifestyle of travel website

Stay in places that offer free tea and coffee (lots of hostels and hotels do).

– When you stay in a private room rather than a shared dorm in hostels, hotels and guest houses, use the free tea and coffee

– Take the rest of the free tea and coffee with you when you leave (I almost constantly travel with some on me!)

– Carry a flask with you on hikes (easy to top up when you find hot water)

I’m just sipping an Earl Grey tea which I got free in the last Guesthouse I stayed in during me recent Sri Lanka trip! It’s a quick update today as I’m on the move – more posts to come later in the week as well as my daily features!


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