Top 5 Vacation Spots in Tennessee, USA

Planning a trip to the exciting state of Tennessee, full of Southern charm and plenty to do and see, is easy when you know the top destinations to include in your itinerary. This state boasts Nashville, Memphis and Jack Daniels! Whether you are planning a weeklong family vacation this summer or you are hoping to simply get away with your honey for an extended weekend that just the two of you can enjoy, check out the following five spots that are sure to welcome you and make it hard to leave.

Top 5 sights in Tennessee, USA.

Top 5 sights in Tennessee, USA.

1. Ruby Falls
Ruby Falls, found near Chattanooga, is a 145-foot waterfall that falls through a cave. The falls themselves are the country’s deepest and largest that are open to public visitors. In fact, they are more than 1,120 feet below the surface in Ruby Falls Cave. It is no surprise that more than 400,000 people visit this cave every year in order to witness the magnificence of the waterfall as it streams from the ceiling. And the staff at Ruby Falls focus on operating in an eco-friendly manner, so you can feel good about visiting, knowing that they’re doing everything they can to be sustainable.

2. Memphis
Memphis is one of the most popular cities in all of Tennessee, and definitely a must-see spot during your vacation if you can manage to head there. Its musical heritage is what Memphis is really known for, but its beauty is also a draw for many people from all over the country, as it is located on the Mississippi River. Check out Graceland, Elvis Presley’s famous home, then head over to Sun Studio, where many musical legends, such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash, recorded their albums. Finally, Beale Street is filled with bars and eateries where music is the entertainment of choice, of course, with live musicians ready to show off their skills to the audience.

3. The Great Smoky Mountains
Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers should definitely make it a point to check out the Great Smoky Mountains. A variety of gorgeous wildlife, including deer and bears, can be seen there, but there are also many attractions throughout the park that have become increasingly popular over the years. These include Clingman’s Dome, where you can gain access to the highest peak in the entire park for truly spectacular and unforgettable views. Don’t forget your camera!

Flag of Tennessee, USA.

Flag of Tennessee, USA.

4. Chattanooga
If you are planning a trip to see Ruby Falls, you should also take a bit of time to also tour through Chattanooga. Lookout Mountain has amazing views and great hiking opportunities. And Rock City is a unique area that features the strangest rock formations that have been named things like Fat Man’s Squeeze and Balanced Rock.

5. Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area
If you are looking for a quiet getaway into the natural world where you can unplug and unwind for a while and seek some adventurous outdoor activities, check out the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. Popular activities there include swimming, camping, whitewater rafting, canoeing, and biking.

Jane King is a travel blogger who enjoys telling people about all of the must-see places in the South. If you visit Tennessee and fall in love with it, consider moving there. Visit to find a realtor who can give you access to all of the best homes in the most beautiful cities when your wandering backpack heads to this awesome State.

There's Tennessee!

There’s Tennessee!

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