Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

Outside the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

The holiday season can be defined by many things, but the particular things that interests wide variety of people are cool tourist attractions, beaches, nightlife, luxury hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants. There are lots of cool places for you to spend your holiday time with fun and excitement. But all of them do not have everything that you are looking for. If full-on entertainment mixed with casino gambling is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

So to beat the heat off your coming holidays, we have gathered a list of top destinations for you to savour your leisure time and explore the exciting side of gambling. The experiences of fantastic lifestyle coupled with mysterious surroundings of casinos are sure to make you adventurous and go crazy.

Yet there are a lot of cool destinations to choose from but only a few of them can make your holiday and gambling experience incredible. Down the page you will find a list of top gambling destinations, in one of which you might get lucky and hit a jackpot:

  1. Macau, China

Macau is included under the special administrative region of China since it was a Portuguese colony until 1999 it has been given its own monetary system, legal system and immigration policy, which distinguishes it from the rest of the regions of China. It has earned the nickname of ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ considering its rich lifestyle and the attraction of wealthy tourists.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

Macau has attracted big gambling marketers from around the world, and most importantly, big gaming companies such as Wynn, Venetian and Las Vegas Sands have also settled their businesses in Macau. Macau should be number 1 on your bucket list.

  1. Las Vegas, USA

The closest I have ever been Vegas is the LeoVegas casino but some day I hope to go to the real place. When talking about Las Vegas, gambling is obvious to cross our minds. The city was built in Nevada’s Mojave Desert keeping tourism and gambling in mind. With the plenty of nightclubs and bars, luxury hotels and amazing casinos, no doubt you will feel like you are in some sort of gambler’s paradise.

las vegas

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

In spite of the fact that Las Vegas was recently struggling from recession, it didn’t spoil its reputation badly and still stands on solid grounds in the tourism industry. The sky is the limit when it comes to the things you can do in this ‘Sin City’, which is why the famous tagline of this city is, “What happens here, stays here”.

  1. Atlantic City, USA

Featuring the perfect vibe of a holiday destination, Atlantic City houses 8 topline casinos including Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Caesars, Tropicana and Golden Nugget.

Las Vegas usually outweighs the popularity of Atlantic City and Reno but ignoring this city would be a great underestimation, it attributes classical boardwalks along with wide beaches, and the main reason for every tourist visiting this city is just one – gambling. If you are a gambling fan, then you must visit this city.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

The most luxurious gaming destination in Europe is none other than Monte Carlo. With its super yacht lined harbor and raised coastline where the casinos are set up, tourists get a brilliant view of Mediterranean Sea whilst gambling besides the water. It was built way back in the 19th century with the glamour and wealth of rich European gamblers. The famous movie of James Bond, Casino Royale was shot here highlighting the rich and elite status of Monte Carlo.

  1. London, England

London is amongst the most important cities of the world and is considered as the best destination for gambling. Moreover, it has something for every tourist’s taste. With a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and tourist attractions like Big Ben and the London Eye, you can do a lot in the capital city along with casino gambling.

It also has private casino establishments like the Ritz and the Crockfords Club with exclusive hosting for its VIP customers.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

  1. Singapore

The gaming industry in Singapore got approval and legalization in 2005 hence it is comparatively new in the world of gambling. But with its excellent architecture and impressive casinos, such as the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts Worlds Casinos, the city has established a great image as one of the best gambling cities in the world.

Being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, it is the best destination for gamblers to explore the stunning architecture of a beautifully landscaped city.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World

  1. Los Angeles, USA

For someone planning a trip to the city of Angels, there are plenty of places for you to spend your leisure time while enjoying gambling in a selection of world class casinos. There are lots of casinos with wide variety of games. The best of the lot includes Commerce Casino and Bicycle Casino.

Additionally, the city is filled with beautiful beaches for you to relax, enveloped with the sober California weather. The place is perfect for a gambling themed holiday.

Top 7 Gambling Destinations in the World


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