Top Backpacking Life Savers for India

Top Backpacking Life Savers for India

Backpacking in India is not one of the easiest things to do because at some point on the other, there will be certain challenges to face and you might not have an ideal solution noted in your mind for the same. With this being said, we have listed below some of the travel tips that should be kept in mind while you are moving around in India.  


  1. Keep yourself secured against the pickpockets

India is usually considered to be an extremely safe country, but it is better to keep an eye on your belongings because it will help you in taking back home everything you intend to take back home. With this being said, you can never be safe in case of pickpockets. So, make sure that you opt for the necessary safeguards to keep yourself away from the pickpockets and their tricks.  

You’ll find a number of them in India. So, be careful. 


  1. Keep your documents with you all the time

May it be your passport or identification proof, make sure that you keep it with them wherever you go in India. Keeping a copy of the same will even help you in getting out of problems if you find yourself in the middle of one of them. 

Having a separate folder for your documents will help you in keeping all your documents safe. So, even before you leave for India, keep all your documents, including a visum für indien in a separate folder and take good care of it.  


  1. Avoid wearing too many jewelry items when moving around

If your primary purpose is to visit India to explore the country, you should avoid wearing too many jewelry items because it will do you no good. With this, you’ll not only keep your jewelry safe but also avoid unnecessary attention in your direction. If you’re visiting India to be a part of a lavish Indian wedding, you should restrict your jewelry usage to the wedding and other functions. Wearing it all the time when moving around in India is not a smart thing to do.  

It is advisable to keep your jewelry items at home, instead of carrying it with you to India.

Remember that precautionary measures like this can help you in keeping yourself away from having regrets for visiting the country. So, be smart and avoid wearing too many jewelry items when moving around in India. 


  1. Don’t rely on a particular stranger’s advice

In India, many people make an effort to help strangers. In some cases, they do their best to help strangers, even when they know that they are not in a position to be of any help. With this, we’re hinting at the fact that you might be misguided if you end up relying on a stranger’s advice. Getting confirmation from others on your path is a good thing to do.

Remember that the intention is to be sure that you do not end up being misguided, especially when you have to reach a particular place at the earliest.  


  1. Stay away from conflicted areas

You’ll never know when things get out of hand. However, what you can know is whether a particular area is conflicted or not. If the area is conflicted and there is a possibility of things getting worse, it is better to stay away from such areas.  

If you have no idea about the situation at a particular place, you should make attempts to know more about the place you wish to visit. If you learn about unnatural events taking place at a particular place or political tension, it would be better to avoid the area altogether. This will help you to a great extent in managing yourself and make sure that you do not get yourself in a problem unnecessarily.  

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2 thoughts on “Top Backpacking Life Savers for India

  • I’m in India right now and can confirm all that. Some simple tasks are undoable, it is generally safe but you must keep your eyes open. But it is far away from that constant danger you feel in Rio or Johannesburg. People try to help, and normally don’t. No one speaks English, I was totally fooled in that way. Best guys available will have a vocabulary like 100 words. It is a pleasant country, but I would stick with the parks for avoiding stress and pollution.

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