Top European Destinations For Casino Lovers

Many people head into Europe to enjoy the warm weather and other perks such as the culture or the food. However, another reason why a lot of European destinations are so popular is that they’re ideal for tourists and holidaymakers who love casino gaming. With an array of options available, we’ve picked out the hotspots for anyone with a passion for gambling.

Why Do Online Casinos Get Popular During A Time Like This?

Top European Destinations For Casino Lovers


Some may be surprised to see us kick off our list with Denmark, but it’s quickly establishing itself as one of the top casino destinations in Europe and beyond. As a country, Demark is smaller than many others, but it has a large number of gaming venues available for the public to visit. Cities such as Aarhus and Copenhagen are home to land-based casinos, with the Marienlyst Standhotel in Helsingoer, often found ranking high on lists of the top European casinos like this one, that can be found on various gambling blogs.


Monaco, which many wrongly think is a part of France, is the second smallest country on the planet. But it’s the place to be if you’re rich and enjoy living the high life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that as a destination for casino lovers that it can rival every other country in Europe. Monte-Carlo is the location to visit if you want to enjoy luxurious high-end gaming, with the Casino Monte-Carlo one of the most popular venues.

Outside the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

Backpacking in Monte Carlo in Monaco


Portugal has been a popular European destination for decades, with tourists flocking from all around the world to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and dining opportunities. As a country which relies heavily on tourism, the authorities know how to keep making people want to come and visit. Recently, the explosion of the gaming and gambling sector has been off the chart, and it’s continuing to grow at an impressive rate. There are 10+ land-based venues loaded with state-of-the-art slots and more, putting Portugal on the map for casino loving punters.


Italy is an exciting inclusion on our list. As a country, its history with gambling goes back centuries. However, it’s not as prevalent nowadays, with only a handful of casino venues around. The reason we still include Italy on our list is that there are a lot of positives to visiting the country which is steeped in history and famed for things such the food and wine. Also, gambling in casinos may not be as popular as it once was, but the Italians know how to make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible. It’s quality over quantity in many respects.


Austria is the last country to get the nod on our list. And maybe we’ve saved the best until the end. Casinos in Austria are running under the operation of Casinos Austria, which has the exclusive license in the country. There are twelve venues in total, and they’re spread across cities such as Baden, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna. All the casinos link together where the Mega Million jackpot is concerned too, with the chance to win a reason for visiting Austria alone.

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