Top Tips for Working on a Farm while Travelling 

Top Tips for Working on a Farm while Travelling

Who knew, we aren’t just a generation of spoilt, over sensitive, easily offended millennial eejits with no idea how to work hard for a living? Constantly on their phones, depositing and playing slots at popular sites like 666Casino or down the pub sinking pints or doing pub crawls. Contrary to what some people believe to be true about our generation, we aren’t all completely ignorant when it comes to farming and agricultural work. So many young travellers are interested and curious about the food we put into our bodies.

Supporting myself on the road: Broccoli farming in Tasmania

Lucy from 666Casino who has recently worked on a cucumber farm in Australia says: “Farm work was so much more to me than just getting extra money to fund my travels, my personal motivation comes from a genuine concern about our planet and an interest in organic food. I don’t just see it as being trendy or oh so cool. Lots of the back packers I met were obviously travelling on a budget but were also combining their interest in food with their travels by working on farms as they explored Australia.” See Lucy’s tips for safe and satisfying Farm work: 

  1. Actively seek out opportunities 

Keep your ear to the ground locally, ask others in your hostel, check bulletin boards, local shop windows and definitely make Gumtree your best friend. Although you don’t necessarily need to be experienced or qualified, the job won’t just land in your lap, you’ve got to be proactive!  

2.Consider the Seasons 

Be aware that peak seasons like planting and harvesting seasons are the prime times that farmers look for extra pairs of hands, however, it pays to think outside of the box and offer your services if you have the abilities to complete other odd jobs. There are always repairs and work to be done throughout the year so don’t rest on your laurels! Plan ahead and do a bit of research on seasons to help your cash flow when work may be a little slow. 

Easy jobs to get as a traveller – farming work in Australia is easy to come by and very rewarding!

3.Be safe and take it easy 

Your safety has to be the most important thing. Working hard is great and will show your employee you’re serious about the work but make sure you take breaks, keep hydrated and have the appropriate protection for the environment you’re working in. This may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget and especially if you’re working in a hot climate its effects can creep up on you and have severe consequences. 

4.Embrace the Experience 

At times it won’t be glamorous, let’s face it, its manual work often in stifling hot weather which you may or may not be used to. There’ll be flies among other critters who will be joining you during your word day and the work can be tough. That said, for most people working on a farm while abroad is a once in a life time experience and a unique opportunity to learn new skills and meet people from myriad walks of life, so embrace it and make the most of it! You’ll look back on the experience with nostalgia one day and be thankful you did it!

broccoli farming in Tasmania working holiday

Working on a broccoli farm in Moriarty, Tasmania to help me get my SECOND Australian Working Holiday Visa.

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