Travel doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to these hacks

After two years of pandemic restrictions, it’s time to start traveling again. Domestic trips, quick getaways, and fun on a cruise: the options for modern travelers are endless. The entire industry is enjoying a boost, from the hotel chain Hilton that recently has raised its 2022 profit forecast due to high demand, with income reaching $1.22 billion.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to these hacks

The company American Express has run its own survey among the domestic public with 74% of respondents ready to travel in 2022 and 62% of them planning at least two trips in 2022, sometimes up to four. So, the tourism economy is back in business. And, now more than ever, it offers budget-friendly solutions for everyone thanks to money saving travel hacks.

Here are 5 you can’t miss.

#1: be flexible

Sure, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, you have fixed days of vacation, highlighted in the calendar. But, if you can be flexible, embrace it. Popular travel and booking websites allow you to have options. For example, you can play with the dates, adding one or more days of flexibility to compare prices -for both hotels and flights. You can change airports of departure and arrival, seeing if there is a cheaper option than your closest location. Many platforms also feature the “everywhere” option, allowing you to be flexible with the destination itself.

#2: research the cost of living

Life can have different costs, varying from country to country. From the small things, like a coffee, to the bigger activities like a night at the theater. You can learn how to plan a budget for your travels thanks to the best budgeting apps. This way, you will know how much money to set aside for meals, fun activities like snorkeling in Bermuda, and how much to set aside for car rental. The cryptocurrency market can be a powerful tool to make an extra income and you can even buy Bitcoin with credit card. Plus, more and more websites are accepting payments in cryptocurrency, even travel-related ones like Another benefit of paying with digital money is the low transaction fee, a true advantage.

#3: money saving travel hacks..if you can, book online

It’s not a secret that, online, you can find last-minute sales or exclusive promotions. This isn’t just true for hotels or flights. When you book online (better if in advance), you can save money on popular attractions such as museums, concert venues, and shows. There are many platforms you can follow to find these discounts. One of the most used ones is Groupon, which features categories such as: sightseeing & tours, nightlife, outdoor & adventure. So, there is something for every traveler.

#4: choose free city tours, tourism cards, and anything shared

All of these three elements are some of the best money saving tips for travelers. For example, the majority of cities offer free tours with local guides.  The tours are filled with history, culture, and tradition and they are the best way to discover a new destination, better if on foot. After the tour, you can always tip the guide. On the other hand, tourism cards offer discounts on activities, transportation, and restaurants. The Paris Pass includes over 80 attractions, the Paris Museum Pass, and a 90-day cancellation policy. Then, there is the shared economy which includes services like rideshare options. The more, the merrier -and the less expensive.

#5: let’s talk about travel credit cards

These can be a big question mark. Travel-specific credit cards allow you to earn rewards called “points” or “miles” every time you make a purchase with the credit card. The custom is to pay you back in currency with different rates depending on the airline, hotel, or provider. And each has its own fineprint. So, are these travel credit cards worth it? The advantages for travelers are many and they might include airport lounge access, lost baggage insurance, and credits for TSA PreCheck. The extra tip (or hack #6) is to do your research before committing to one card, looking at details such as bonuses, annual fees, and no foreign transaction fees.

These five money saving travel hacks will help you make the most out of your savings and (consequently) out of your trips. With the industry booming again, there is more and more potential for online discounts, special last-minutes rates, and promotions. The world is truly your oyster. Where are you going next?

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