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Hold on a second, you’re a travel writer and now you’re writing about travel writing??!! Yes I am. While my “Working Wednesdays” series aims to detail stories, tips and ideas for working your way round the globe, I also talk about my own jobs and experiences. So this week, I thought I would do my Working Wednesday on my own personal love – travel writing! Yes, it’s what I do most of the time and I love it!

travel writing taiwan train 2009

Writing on the move – making notes for updating my travel blog on a train at Xincheng in Taiwan in 2009

I am a full time travel writer. What does that mean? It means I travel to places and then I write about them as much as I can. This is what makes me happy and in essence it is what I do. OK, so I also work for a few other companies doing day and night jobs, but that’s not really what I “do for a living”! I’m a passionate, professional, travel writer. This in fact, is my job.

working in Delaney's Irish Pub - Hong Kong

Working in Delaney’s Irish Pub in Hong Kong and loving it – but this isn’t “what I do”!

In that sense I can actually class working in pubs, working on farms and teaching English as my travel experiences rather than “what I do”. What you do in life should NOT be your job. Think about it for a second. You meet someone and they ask you “So what do you do?” and most people think the question is related to their Job. Well, that’s when you lose control of your own life. Your job should never be what you do. We work for companies but I certainly NEVER let any company rule my life. It might explain why I have had so many various different jobs over the years. Yes I give 100% in work and that’s my job, but as soon as I walk out of that door, it’s back to my life! Work is forgotten.

best break bournemouth ice cream

Working as an ice cream seller by Bournemouth Beach in England – but this isn’t really “what I do”!

I’ve worked in London, Belfast, Sydney and Hong Kong. 4 varied large mega cities. What I notice is that in London and Hong Kong, people who live there seem to let work rule their lives. That should NEVER be the case. This is your life – live it as you want!

Don't Stop Living Jonny Blair Travelling Northern Irishman

My Original Travel Blog – Don’t Stop Living – launched in 2007! This is what I do!

I started online travel writing back in 2007,  on my original blogger version of Don’t Stop Living. It became an obsession, a hobby, writing about my lifestyle. Endless travel, endless fun, changing jobs,getting new stamps on my passport, writing about it.

Jonny Blair - travel writer - don't stop living travelling northern irishman

What I Do! I’m a travel writer – updating my latest stories on Don’t Stop Living from my Hong Kong balcony!

If anyone ever asks what I do I’ll tell them I’m a travel writer. I am and I love it. It’s what I do. I really travel the world, I really have stories to tell and I really love it. The inspiration and passion should be clear to see on this site – I hope my visitors and readers can see that and feel part of my journeys and part of my passion. Every week I get e-mails from friends and strangers asking for travel advice, and I always reply and give the advice based on the travel experiences that I have gained.

For the record, at the moment I currently work in 3 schools (6 days a week) and am a Welcome Host for Internations events on Friday evenings. All here in Hong Kong. Those are my jobs. But that’s not what I do.

I’m a travel writer and I love it.

Don’t stop living!

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