Travelling in England: How to Find the Best Hotels near M1?

You look for convenient accommodation when traveling to a new city, whether you are a leisure traveler or planning a business trip. For instance, if you are traveling to England for a business trip and your associates, it is best to book hotels near Luton Airport. This will ease travel throughout the city.

My Stay at the Yotel in Gatwick Airport, London, England

Travelling in England: How to Find the Best Hotels near M1?

Not only is it convenient, it can also help you save on transportation, with bus routes, tube stations or cabs easily available. Leisure travelers should check out hotels near M1 for a comfortable and economical stay, say experts at Holiday Inn Luton South.

Check the Amenities

Guests consider cleanliness and communication as the most crucial factors when deciding on the best hotel for accommodation, according to the 2020 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index. An ideal hotel for you is one where you can relax and rejuvenate.

You don’t want to book a hotel on M1 only to discover that it has an unstable internet connection or poor surroundings. The location might be your first priority but never compromise on the basic amenities. Your spending on accommodation in Luton with a poor internet connection will be totally useless if you are on a business trip.


It goes without saying that a traveler wants the hotel located in the closest proximity to the Luton airport. If you are looking for hotels in Luton due to a canceled or missed flight, book a hotel that’s located a few kilometers away from the airport. It will save you the cost of traveling back to the city and airport.

Customer Service

Guest service is another factor that determines the level of comfort you enjoy from your stay in London. It may sound surprising, but 45% of travelers want transportation services from hotels, shows a report published by Ezee Absolute Online Hotel Management System. It saves you the cost and time of booking cabs. Plus, who doesn’t want a cab waiting for them outside the airport? In addition to the basic amenities, guests want a hotel that offers exclusive programs and exciting offers. So, check the facilities offered at the hotels near Luton Airport with parking and choose the hotel that offers a comfortable stay.

Finding hotels near Luton airport is a cakewalk, but you must focus on finding a reliable hotel that offers the best customer service.


The days when people booked hotels after their arrival in a foreign country are long gone. Today, everyone wants the convenience of booking a hotel online. So, check the online presence of the hotel and see if they offer paperless transactions, online booking services, self-check-ins, a mobile-compatible website, and a decent internet connection.

Of course, these are only a few tips to give you a better idea of the factors you must consider when booking accommodation in Luton. You can research the best hotels on M1, like Holiday Inn, Luton South, compare the quotes, and book the hotel that fits your preference and budget.

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