Alternative Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Living and Working From a Campervan

Work From Home in a Campervan 

The travel season is approaching but you can’t get away from work? How many meetings do you still need to attend and what options do you have to get all of your tasks done? All this goes through the mind of a businessman or businesswoman just before they want to rent a campervan and start their holiday. Some things, however, should be considered.

Alternative Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Living and Working From a Campervan

Alternative Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Living and Working From a Campervan

What makes working in a campervan special?

Of course, being able to work on your trip is special because you are not only spending time with family or travel companions, but also with yourself. It is quiet in the campervan when the family is keeping busy outdoors. You can relax in the greenery at the campsite and unwind despite your job. When you take a break, you can stroll around the campsite and relax, which is another advantage of the home office in the campervan. There is now a USB socket in the majority of modern campervans. There is a power socket at every campsite and gadgets for camping holidays are also on trend. With a power bank, it is possible to work with your smartphone for longer periods of time. The laptop can also be plugged into the normal power socket.

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Home office in the campervan

Work sometimes has to cone on the road with you, especially if you are self-employed or need to work on some things before the office routine starts again. Some people work freelance and want to earn a little extra money. Especially if you travel a lot and are on the road. Then working in a campervan is ideal. It doesn’t matter if you own it yourself or rent it. Ideal conditions must be provided in the camper so that you can enjoy a pleasant working day even on holidays.

Where is the journey going?

It doesn’t matter where you go with your campervan. In the EU, you have the option of connecting a hotspot to your PC with your mobile phone. Then you don’t need an external router for an internet connection. At the camping table in the awning, on a nice stone a little outside the caravan or maybe even ergonomically on an office chair that you simply push in front of the dining table. No matter where your workplace is, you have everything under control and can also enjoy your holiday. A trip to the north of Europe can exude cosiness.

Flexible time management

If you spend the whole day with your family at the beach and work a few hours in the evening when the children are in bed, then this is ideal to break out of your work routine and still get everything done that the boss demands. When the children fall into bed at 9 pm, your workday starts for the next 3 hours. Not too long and not too short, but just enough, so that you get everything done that needs to be done. This is exactly what many people do who like to travel but can’t take leave all the time because the company needs them. Of course, there are also early risers who watch the sunrise from their campervan while sitting at their computer. You can also work well from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. until the children get out of bed and then you have breakfast together.

The perfect climate for your campervan workspace

In summer it can sometimes be very hot in the campervan, because it heats up a lot even in the shade. Many have air conditioning and use it for their office work during the day. Others want to spend the day with the family and only start in the evening when the sun goes down. Whichever home office option you choose, it will be the best for you and your family. It is wonderful when people have fun together and experience new places. But work should not suffer either. Self-employed people are usually busy and cannot leave their company without supervision even on holidays. There is data that needs to be processed, there can be online meetings and many other things that can be managed very well during a holiday in a campervan. If you go to Sweden, Denmark or Norway in the summer with your rented campervan, it won’t be very hot there, but rather comfortable. You can also work from your pitch during the day without sweating. Italy, on the other hand, is more suitable for October or April. Then the Mediterranean Sea is not yet too warm, but on a round trip you and your family can visit the most beautiful cities and places in the country without getting a heat stroke in the midday sun.

Combining meetings in other cities with a campervan holiday

You have to go to a meeting in a faraway city? Then why not take the whole family with you, if they are free, and give them the chance to get to know lots of new things. During the meeting, the others can take a stroll through the old town or rent a bike and explore the area. No matter where you spend your holiday, they will have great experiences. High hotel bills will also be reduced because you often have to pay these yourself as a self-employed person or freelancer.


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